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  1. Please sign me up.

  2. I’d love to get your newsletter-I love your blog!

  3. Sign me up pleeeeeeeease! :)))


  4. Please add me to the newsletter list. Thank you.

  5. Where have you been hiding all my life! Love the Kits & ideas!!
    Please sign me up for the newsletter! Do you have a subscription service for kits?

  6. Please sign me up for your newslettter!

  7. Sign me up please!!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!!

  8. i would love to receive the newsletter!

  9. i have been very impressed with your blog and your kit club. please add me to your list for newsletters. i can’t wait to get the first one. thanks, ms.cheryl

  10. Yes please – would love to be more involved with your ‘stuff’!

  11. Just found you and I’m giddy about it.

  12. Please count me in to receive the newsletter

  13. Please sign me up! I just found this site and I’m thrilled!

  14. please sign me up for you rnewsletter

  15. me too!

  16. Please sign me up. Thank you

  17. Please sign me up!!!

  18. Oooooo! Can’t wait for my first one! Thanks!

  19. just found this site today by way of SiStv and am DROOLING! Please sign me up for the newsletter!!!

  20. Sign me up please. I love crafty mail in my in box!

  21. not sure if i am on the list or not…

  22. Please add me to your newsletter list. thanks, ms.cheryl

  23. Sign me up please! =)

  24. Love to learn from your ideas

  25. Yep, sign me up! I need something free, after all the money I am about to spend 🙂
    Blessings~~~ Danielle

  26. Sign me up now! Thanks for being so inspirational!

  27. Sign me up, love your ideas

  28. sign me up too 🙂

  29. yes please – sign me up

  30. please add me:)

  31. Please sign me up. 🙂

  32. I would love to get your newsletter – please sign me up!

  33. sign me up pls! 😀

  34. pls sign me up!

  35. Sign me up please!

  36. sign me up, please! 🙂


  37. Add me tooooo Please!!! 🙂

  38. Just found you – love what you are doing – just my style. Thanks

  39. would love to receive your newsletter…thanks!

  40. love this!

  41. Please sign me up.

  42. would LOVE to receive your newsletter !!

  43. Looks like fun. Sign me up. thanks

  44. Just discovered you. Love what I see.

    Would love to receive your newsletter.


  45. sounds like a good time.. sign me up!

  46. sign me up please!

  47. Please add me to your newsletter list! Thank you!

  48. sign me up too please 😀

  49. Add me to the newsletter list too please!!!

    thank you

    libby x

  50. Hello there!! Please sign me up for your newsletter too!! Just found your site and think that its fantastic!!

  51. Sounds like great fun. I’m always open to new ideas and motivations. Sign me up.

  52. Please sign me up. I’d love to get it 🙂

  53. sign me up! please!

  54. Absolutely put me on the list!

  55. Please sign me up! You all inspire me!

  56. Please add me to the newsletter list…thanks!

  57. Please sign me up!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. would love to get the newsletter 🙂

  59. Would love to see your newletter in my inbox! Thanks 🙂

  60. Please sign me up…thank you

  61. News me up!

  62. Sign me up!

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  64. Please sign me up for you newsletter!

  65. Oooh, lots of comments! Here’s another one – me please!

  66. Please sign me up – this looks really cool!

  67. please sign me up!!!

  68. please sign me up…lovin this blog!!

  69. I look forward to recieving your newsletter.

  70. Sign me up please.. right away!

  71. Please sign me up for your newsletter, i just love this blog. Thank you

  72. please send me your news letters.
    many thanks

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