Weekend recap

Heather and I got a lot accomplished this weekend – we organized the vintage ephemera for each of our two premier kits and finalized our order for the new merchandise we will include with it.  We ordered our business cards and shipping supplies.  We are so excited that the launch is just around the corner!  We have some spectacular plans for the future, too – lots of good stuff coming up this month AND in the future.


Bookmark or feed us so you are the first to see the sneak peeks that will appear within the next few days for our premier kits: “Lush” and “Sleeping Your Way To The Top: A Career Girl’s Guide.” These kits are going to be jam-packed full of goodies.  We’ve done a bit of market research and found that we’re planning to include a lot more STUFF than some other kit companies.  Each full kit will be priced around $35.  There will be 10 or 11 of each offered initially – you can reserve one by e-mailing us at gauchealchemy at cox dot net.


We hope to very shortly have non-themed grab bags up for sale (hopefully in the $10-15 range), so if you’d like a smaller kit of general ephemera, stay tuned – that announcement will be forthcoming.  We also plan to release “Gauche Mama” and “Gauche Baby” mini-kits within the next few weeks.   For October, expect some marvelous kits that will be perfect for your Halloween projects.


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