Sneak Peeks! Premier Kits! Whoo-hoo!!

Ladies and gentlemen, Amy and I are so thrilled to give you a glimpse of Gauche Alchemy’s PREMIER September kits! We have spent the past couple weeks drooling over our selections of vintage goodies and anticipating the arrival of our shipment of new items. Well, it’s finally here, and we want to give you a little sneak peek. Basic Grey, Cosmo Cricket, and 7Gypsies are just a few of the lovely brands we’ve chosen to complement our themes this month. The kits will go on sale in our Etsy shop (see link at right) on September 1st – Labor Day. These babies are LIMITED- we are planning to offer only ELEVEN of each for the initial launch. So, if you’d like to reserve one, send a message, snappy-like, to gauchealchemy at cox dot net. (We may just have to offer additional kits later in the month because I know these darling kits are going to go like hotcakes).

Each kit contains all the fabric and new products pictured here. You will get a one-of-a-kind variety of vintage ephemera- 1926 dictionary pages, flashcards, vintage maps, lace, 1954 ladies’ journal pages and so much more (eek!) – what is pictured below is just an example. Each kit is filled with a unique assortment of vintage goodness. You will also get MORE items which are not pictured… we’ll leave those as our little surprise. Now, who doesn’t love to get a nice surprise in the mail?

These are nice big packages–full, I tell you! Retail price is $34.95. Stay tuned for smaller “sampler” packages, which we are planning to retail around $10-15 each. We have so many ideas we can’t wait to share with you all!

And now…. *da-da-da-DUUUH!*


Get buzzed, celebrate, toast, paaar-tay, get snockered, enjoy a nice tall cold one or a bit of wine with dinner…

Sleeping Your Way To the Top: A Career Girl’s Guide
Glass ceiling? I thought it was made of lead. How’s a girl to get ahead?

Mini folders, buttons and gaffer’s tape, OH MY!


5 Responses

  1. Fantastic!! Good job, Amy and Heather!!!
    Can I only have the FISH card? (just kidding!)

  2. Oh girls, these kits are too cute! Great job.

  3. I am so excited! Great job!
    The papers are so unique, can’t wait to see them.

  4. Awesome!! I love the variety! I need to find an occasion that will fit these great themes!

  5. I think I can come over th your hosuse! I will call or email anyway.
    some JS(means Japanese Scrapbookers) are interested in these kits. It is a good sign.
    Most of them do not want to contact in English, I am more than happy to translate or deal with their order if you want.

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