Ahhhhh….. You people are KILLING me!

Please, please, please STOP being so damned talented, you all. I have NO idea how we’re going to make this guest designer decision. It is literally about to make me cry. I mean, to narrow it down to even four or five would be nice, but we’ve got SO. MANY. fantastic submissions for October guest designer!

I know you think I must be bullshitting to make you all feel good, but no. Actually, I’m not. Geeesum Christmas.

Anyway, I do know that I want to share links on all the applicants when this is said and done (we’ll have a decision by Monday, with a package in the mail that day). If you have any problem with me linking to your blog, speak now or forever hold your peace…. and also, if you can’t work on an extremely tight deadline (like, a few days for your first project deadline), let me know now – anything to make our decision easier would help.


5 Responses

  1. Trust me, we are all DYING here too! You’ve got a tough decision on your hands! We’ll still love you no matter what…I guess. 😉

  2. Sound like a really tough spot to be in. We will be anxiously awaiting the results.Good luck to all that appled.

  3. Come on girls, we know you wouldn’t bullshit us, hehehe!! You CRACK me up!! Can’t wait to see who the lucky gal is!!

  4. Tell me about it! I can’t even imagine what it’s like for you guys! At least I won’t be upset because I know all of you ladies are talented! Whooo Hoooo! Can you hear my heart beating? That is a little “Poe” humor! LOL Don’t worry I won’t cut myself or anyone else in pieces…..that is for those of you who know “Poe’s ” work!

  5. I would not want to make a decision, no way, no how! Your kits are so yummy that we are all fighting for them! It is a good thing this is all online, or it would be reminiscent of that major wedding dress sale where they are ripping the dresses apart, etc.

    Good luck to all, we will still love ya no matter who you choose. And there are 12 months in a year you know! This is just one! lol.

    BTW, Hi Alecia and Christi….now I am really worried that you gals are here!

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