Projects from Yasu!

I must admit that I am in awe and envy of Yasu – it seems like I can’t find time to do actual PROJECTS these days anymore. But that’s going to change – because hand-on is what saves my sanity… but enough of intensions and promises – I can’t wait to show you what Yasu has done!

I haven’t posted the Nevermore kits on Etsy yet, so the blog pricing ($5 off) is in effect until I do so. I plan to put them on Etsy tomorrow afternoon. Yasu made this layout entirely with the Nevermore kits (with the exception of one little brad!).

And here’s her layout using some baby/kid kits we put together last week – they will be up on Etsy soon, as well. There is a smaller kit that will sell for $12.95 and a larger kit for $29.95.

I just love how Yasu uses all the “girl” colors and embellishments for her little boy and uses all the “boy” embellishments and papers for her little girl! 🙂 Fun, huh?


2 Responses

  1. Ooohhh I love these- just awesome!

  2. These are gorgeous, Yasu!!! Love your style!!!

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