If you are reading this…

This question is for YOU.

What items are missing in the kits currently on the market? What products would you use if they were available? Which items are the most difficult to find at a decent price?

I don’t care if you’re a scrapbooker, multi-media artist, cardmaker or other paper crafter, there’s always something you are craving that is in limited supply.

What is it?

Postage stamps? Fabric? Interesting fibers? Vintage photographs? Labels? Old letters? Bottlecaps? Matchbooks? SOMETHING ELSE?!

We’ll give you a few days to answer and then send one lucky commenter a RAK – yup, a freebie just for giving us your opinion. Can’t beat that!


4 Responses

  1. I believe its the little things that make a LO or a project different from everyone else’s. It’s the sprockets, the cufflinks, the beads, the drawer knob, the usual “trash” to others, but a goldmine of ideas and creativity for others. Your kit has those things I haven’t found in anyone else’s. And that makes the Gauche Alchemy Kit really unique! I know because i’ve tried it myself!

  2. I love vintage items. Just something a little different from the rest of the kits out there. Love the old labels, photos, buttons, cards, trims, etc.

  3. I like fabrics, trims and the little metal embellishments like charms, tags…

  4. Embellies like beads and charms 🙂

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