Product review – Best Paper Techniques Book

I love reading through craft books and magazines for inspiration and new techniques. To control my “book clutter,” I often talk myself out of spur-of-the-moment purchases by reminding myself of the wealth of tips and techniques found all over the Internet. In the case of THIS book, however, it is wonderful to have such a concise and extensive “bible” on hand right in my “studio.” (That’s a fancy word for “room crammed full of stuff I love.”)

On the surface – judging a book by it’s cover – this book appears more cute and clean than cool and edgy. Not that I don’t appreciate “cute and clean,” but at the moment, I’m more into “cool and edgy.” But I’m going to let you in on a little secret – this book is my favorite. I have a LOT of art and crafting books – why is this book my favorite?

I would be extremely surprised if you’ve heard of all the techniques in this book. I’d be even more surprised if you’d tried them all. My goodness, this book is a treasure-trove of inspiration. It is technique heaven! The supply lists are complete, instructions clear, photographs … well, illustrative! It covers stamping, embossing, stitching, layering, dimensional media…. decoupage! glitter! bleaching! an entire section on resist techniques!

It outlines clearly which products work best for which projects – something I appreciate a helluva lot when I’m faced with a wall full of different kinds of ink and wondering what, exactly, the difference is between pigment and dye – or is it much ado about nothing? (Hint: it’s not.) This was the book that inspired my aha moment about why there are so many different kinds of embossing powder – and let me tell you, what you can do with them is amazing!

Collage! Transparencies! Handmade paper! Cards! Clay! Shrink plastic!

Whether a particular project featured suits your artistic fancy or not (and there’s something for everyone here), the techniques are explained clearly enough to take away any “newbie fear” and versatile enough to be useful as pure, sweet inspiration.


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