Amazing guest designer projects!

Here are a couple of fAAAbulous projects from our guest designers.

The first is from Julie Kirk, our “guest-designer-at-large” for Fall. Take a look at how she used our Fun and Games Slurry mini-kit!

Julie says:
Here’s the 1st of my ‘Designer at Large’ projects…and …it’s a page about a toilet!!

The thing is, I finally got a camera phone recently and think the freedom it gave me went to my head. During the first week after I buying it I took a photo of myself in the mirror in one of the toilets at work.

Then, when I was looking for photos which I thought would fit your ‘Fun & Games’ idea – I found myself thinking ….’Mmmmm what better than a layout about a loo!!’ 😉

I thought the old newspaper advertisement about ‘shrinkage’ and the jigsaw pieces, perfectly suited the story of how these are some of the world’s smallest toilet cubicles which you have to fight your way into when you least need to be held up!!

Candy Bonoan-Lagazon created this gorgeous altered eyeglass case using the Nevermore kits.

Candy says:
I used the olive green paper which I rubbed with walnut ink to make it look old, then I stamped StazOn white on it. I also used the black felt strip which I embellished with my own lace ribbon. Of course, I had to use the silver flower cufflink! It’s too beautiful to leave behind…


4 Responses

  1. Oh wow! Julie’s layout is just amazing and fun. I have the problem that I don’t like other people taking my photo so I tend to take photos of myself in mirrors. I can totally relate about taking a photo of myself in the bathroom! LOL. Fun!

    Candy’s projects is just a work of art in itself! Amazing!

    Thanks so much for the wonderful inspiration! =)


  2. Candy, I love what you did with that glass case! Great piece of art!

  3. Candy, you did it again! You always make me WAO! in front of my PC.

  4. Julie, what a fun layout! I love you photo too!

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