Sick… blech!

Hi everyone! Sorry to be MIA for a few days – it was a busy weekend, and then I got sick! I’m trying to catch up on things tonight…

Here are some things I’ll be doing very soon:
1) Drawing a winner for our vintage glitter!
2) Drawing a winner for our poll entry (scroll down if you didn’t see it!)
3) Photographing and listing our NOVEMBER kits – here’s the title: “That’s the Ticket!”
4) Telling you all about the craft fair we went to on Saturday at Hissyfits in Phoenix – lots of fun and loads of eye candy! We were situated next to a great quirky artist who agreed to provide some custom-designed goodies for us – stay tuned for details on him and his work. SICK! (the good way, I mean…)

Sorry no photos in this quick update – soon! Very soon! If you want to be qualified for our drawings, go to the poll entry and/or post our blinkie or a link to us and then leave a comment so we know you did it! I’m going to draw soon!


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