WINNERS, Nov kits, and guest designer layouts!

A heartfelt apology to all our blog readers who have been waiting patiently for us to announce the drawing winners. It’s been a whirlwind of a month with a lot of sickness (minor, thankfully) in my little family – and would you believe it?! Both girls got sick AGAIN! Barf-o-rama. Thankfully, the little one is already over it – appears to be a 24-hour bug.

Since I’m so behind, this will be a LOOONG and JUICY post!

First, although it’s November already, we have a couple of projects created by Andrea Davenport with the Nevermore kits. (We still have a few of these left, and I KNOW you all have some Halloween photos now… or if not, it’s quite versatile is SOOO many ways – grab one up before they are gone.)

Quoth she:
I am sad that the end of this month is coming…but so grateful for the awesome opportunity you have given me. Working with your kit and being able to see my work being respected creatively speaking was fantastic. I can only hope I have done your kit justice with my projects. Amazing stuff- I am in awe at the vintage yumminess of it all. Here are the last two projects for this month.

For the journal, I wanted to really put out the idea of inspiration. The gears were perfect, because it reminds me of my own brain, turning it’s little gears to pump out a message, or journaling for a layout. I even attached a bookmark, using the rest of my felt strip from the kit. And if look close, you’ll notice that the blue journaling spot is actually a Gauche Alchemy business card. I couldn’t let it go unseen!

This layout was fun. It’s everywhere, and I like throwing out all of the rules, and just mixing things on a page. My favorite part is the vintage playing card, that doubles as a tarot card, and gives you some future insight. And it’s totally true- Success starts with Red Lipstick. I swear. 🙂

Second, we’ve selected Keely Yowler as our second “guest-designer-at-large.” She will be working with the Moms for Mams kit. We still have plenty of these beauties left, and a portion of the proceeds goes to breast cancer research, so hop on over to our shop and snap one up.

Third, here are some sneak peaks of the November kit going on sale TOMORROW. Why tomorrow? Well… we thought it quite appropriate to release these on (U.S.) Election Day. Although I must admit the theme is very US-centric, be assured that (as always) the goodies are versatile and just the inspiration you need to kick off your next project! One lucky kit will contain a large vintage “Nixon for President” button badge.

IF YOU PRE-ORDER TODAY by e-mailing us at gauchealchemy at cox dot net , we will take $5.00 off EACH November kit you order (main or add-on).

Main Kit sneak peek – That’s the Ticket! $39.95

Add-on sneak peek – Miss Piggy $10.95

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, our winners! Using a random number generator…

Candy Rosenburg won our vintage glitter – thanks for spreading the word about Gauche Alchemy! If you haven’t been yet, you should check out Candy’s new blog, Scrappy Links – fun links to all things scrappy!

We’ll have another drawing for something yummy sometime in November, so keep on linking! (Never hurts to leave us a comment about your link or blinkie placement – occasionally our blog stats miss one.)

Amy Duff won a little prize package for commenting on our poll post – be sure, Amy, that I’ll do my best to include some of your fav items in your package. Send us your snail mail addy at gauchealchemy at cox dot net!


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