News and apologies

Hi ladies (and gents?).

It’s been a heck of a week. First the kiddos got sick. Then hubby and I got sick – whoa, so sick! Then I got better. Then I went to my day job and worked long hours trying to get a sick patient some needed surgery… which didn’t happen. And then I got sick again. And tomorrow it’s back to trying to catch up with the day job after being sick so damn much this past month.

Piss, whine, moan.

The bad news is that the November kits are not yet up on Etsy. The good news is that until they appear on Etsy, you still have a chance to get the sale price of $5 off each kit. And what the hell – we’ll throw in free shipping, as well.

I’m thinking our subscriptions will begin in January 2009. Leave us some feedback on length of subscriptions you’d be interested in – 3 months, 6 months, 12 months? I’m thinking, just to make it easy, we’ll make the kits around $50 shipped with free shipping for any add-ons – and of course, price breaks for each subscription length. Sound good? Let us know what you think. Also, don’t forget that it’s the season of GIVING, and while you’re working on your own listies of gifties, those who would enjoy thrilling and delighting YOU are wondering what you might like! Send them our way – I’ll have subscriptions up on Etsy soon, and if you’d like to order one before then (or if you have any suggestions or special requests) don’t hesitate to e-mail us at gauchealchemy at cox dot net.

Wish me luck – tomorrow is gonna be a long day. Why can’t we artistic types just do our art and forget about our day jobs?! *sigh* Someday…

Oh, and just to give you a little something more to feast on until I can catch my breath, here’s another supremely delicious layout from Anne-Marie Teo using the November kits.

Isn’t Anne-Marie’s little girl such a cutie!?


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  1. Cute layout! What is she thinking??

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