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Hissyfits craft fair – sweet stuff!

Hi everyone. I hope your Thanksgiving holidays were wonderful (for you U.S. readers, anyway)! Now that the holiday shopping season is officially ON, Heather and I are planning to put together a fun wish list for you to peruse. I think it’s tons of fun to see what other people are coveting for the holidays, and it might give you some ideas for things to put on your own wish list (after a Gauche Alchemy subscription, of course! ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

But TODAY, I’m going to share some stuff I ogled at the Hissyfits craft fair on October 25. Hissyfits is a very cool kids’ boutique in Phoenix owned by the equally cool Nikki.

Most or all of these folks have specials going on NOW.

First up is a funky artist named Roy Wasson Valle of FuzzyBalls Apparel. His designs are edgy-cool and socially responsible, as his designs are printed on American-made (sweat-shop free) t-shirts and printed locally.
Is it just me, or does he remind you of Fisher Stevens? ๐Ÿ™‚ (I always liked Fisher Stevens…)


Anyway… Roy had the vender spot next to us, and boy did he get a lot of interest. Apparently, it’s difficult to find designs in little boys’ clothing that doesn’t involve cartoonish trains, dinosaurs, or soccer balls. These funky parents were eating it up! And frankly, so were we. (He has adult sizes, too!) So we asked Ron if he’d design something just for us for an upcoming kit – and he said he would! ROCK!

The truly extraordinary thing about the Hissyfits craft fair is how AWESOME all the vendors were! Seriously, I’ve never seen so much cute, trendy, edgy, cool (handmade!) stuff in one spot.

Michelle Gifford of Oh So Sassy had various items made from the most luscious fabric imagineable! I was restraining myself from starting my Christmas shopping that day, but when I saw their dresses were clearanced, I just had to snag one for my daughter. I don’t have that particular dress handy to photograph (my girl is sleeping at the moment), but the Oh So Sassy Etsy shop will have plenty of examples for you to ogle. Here’s one such example, for your viewing pleasure:


The fabric is heavyweight cotton, and the one I bought was fully lined with a tulle edge… so, so sweet!

When the fair was over (or really, when the Arizona sun starting pushing back our shade cover and started to burn us!), I had to take my chance to go inside and check out the shop. Forgive the crappy photos – I didn’t think to take my camera, so these are mobile phone shots. They will give you at least an idea of what a cool little boutique this is!

First, we met the maker of the yummy cupcakes we’d seen circulating amongst the patrons all day. Kelly from Butter & Me Cupcakery was super sweet (what else would you expect from a cupcake connoisseur?), and allowed me to take a photo of her and her little helper (along with that wonderfully funky mannequin, which is a fixture in the Hissyfits shop). Her Halloween-themed goodies looked fantastic, and she told me that she caters! Also, there’s free delivery in Scottsdale. Beautiful! (Be sure to check out her photo page – so gorgeous!)

When I told her I’d like to blog about her, she offered up some free cupcakes because, of course, I had to post a REVIEW of the wares, she insisted! (Okay, if you INSIST!) These lovely goodies do NOT disappoint. I have to say that I break treats down into two basic categories – the only ones that really matter, in my mind. The catgories are: 1) worth the calories and 2) NOT worth the calories. With my distinctive sweet tooth, you can be assured these were WORTH every frakin’ calorie! Yum! It’s a bit hard to discern, but take a close look for the sprinkles – it’s edible glitter. Didn’t know that existed, but hey, I’m all over it.

Oh, and do you notice her cute little mini-books there in front of her? Looks like this girl can do it all. ๐Ÿ˜‰



This is the checkout area – look at that cool photo on the wall! Love it!

Here are some photos of Nikki, the owner, and our very own Heather Dollak. I just adore those funky mirrors on the wall behind them.



Here are a couple of photos of Heather and I exploring the shop (keep in mind we’d been out in the hot sun all morning… I’d like to think we look more glamorous, generally speaking – ha!).



Seriously, there was so much good stuff at this fair that I didn’t get a chance to take photos of everything, but here are a couple more photos and a bunch of links for you. If this is your cup of tea – or would make perfect gifts from someone you know – clicky-clicky!

This is a photo of some sweet products from Baby Bee’s Boutique. They also have an Etsy shop!

I’m not quite sure who these goodies belong to, but see the list of links below if you want to find the vendor – and lots more than what’s shown here!


Red Pajamas – kids clothes and toys in delicious fabrics and textures. “The goal of red pajamas is to bring back your childlike love for items you’ll never want to give up.”

Zadyball – “Baby’s First and Favorite Toy” – my daughter would have loved this when she was an infant… heck, she’d probably still love it now. Alayna Slinker’s Flickr stream has more fabric options.

Sweet Tweets – the cutest plushies made from repurposed sweaters and clothing. These ladies’ booth was situated on the other side of us (remember Roy was to one side? They were to the other side.) They also have kids’ clothing with sweet appliques. I am not much of a seamstress, but I took inspiration from them to make a plushie for my nephew’s first birthday. ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s their blog.

Tea Couture – plushies, bags, accessories – all in beautiful funky fabrics. They also do custom orders. Check out their Flickr stream.

Poppy Seeds – Hayley Gardiner creates shirts made to order in baby, kid, and adult sizes – the applique work on these really caught my eye; they are excellent! Visit her blog, too! Hayley will be going to nursing school in January (congrats to her!) and letting Poppy Seeds go for a while… but she still has product in stock, so make sure you get to her this season if you want to be guaranteed to get your hot hands on her merchandise (ooh, that didn’t sound right…)!

JonesyBaby – Taya Jones has tons of great baby stuff, nursing cover-ups, barettes, bows, bib and burp sets and cute fabric by the yard. Visit her blog.

Owner/Designer Melanie Huston of Doll Face Jewels has interesting and beautiful jewelry and hair accessories for you and your little girl. She has an Etsy shop, a Flickr stream, and is on MySpace. Check her out! (My favorite are her bottlecap necklaces… yum.)

Tina Nealis has an Etsy shop and a Flickr stream showing her handmade baby stuff, quilts, plushies, pillows, bags and pouches… and more (in SUCH fantastic fabrics!). She’s one of the many seamstresses in this list who totally make up for the fact that I can’t sew very well! ๐Ÿ™‚ I can just get cool stuff from her! So much more personal than buying at Target or Walmart, for sure.

Kivett Studio’s Funky Fashionistas – seriously funky art dolls, art figures, and other curiosities to spark your imagination. These are totally wild – check ’em out! They also have a blog and are on MySpace. Looks like there aren’t any Funky Fasionistas listed right now on their Etsy shop, but the photo on their banner shows some, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you can custom order them. They also have accessories and cute monster plushies.

Whew! Hope that’s a good start on your handmade shopping for the holidays!
In a few days, I’ll profile some artists I met at the Fountain Hills Arts Fair that Yasu and I attended a couple of weeks ago… there were fewer things that caught my picky eye there, but what I did find was fabulous!


3 Responses

  1. Wow! will have to go check out some of these sites you found at the fair! Sounds like some neat products. Thanks for sharing! I got the fantastic pizza box of goodies and all I can say it…….absolutely amazing! I had so much fun going thru all the wonderfu; items. I have not had a chance to create yet but when I do, I will be sure to share. Incredible findings, some from my generation! Too cool! Thank you!

  2. Amy, so glad you got our RAK! It should keep you busy for a while, hm? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I love this stuff, I especially like the skull dress… awesome. Hooray for funky baby clothes ๐Ÿ™‚

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