Ratting out the competition

Hey fair readers!

Not to toot our own horn…
ah, who ’em I kidding? Damn WELL tooting our horn!

Have you noticed how much vintage ads cost through other avenues? $3-7 per PAGE!

Check out this site, for instance.
Or how about eBay?

Now ask Amy Duff or Shannon Glasscock-Zuklich how many ads of similar nature they got for FREE with their prize packages. Go on… ask!

Or how about vintage snapshots? Check those out on E-bay, too – crazy!

Oh, there are deals to be found – trust me, I’ve found some good stuff on eBay. Occasionally. But why bother? We’ll do the work for you – and after we’ve uncovered the deals and finds, we even coordinate it for you. And we sure as shit don’t charge you several DOLLARS per page of ephemera!

If you’ve not looked at our Etsy listings for a while, go take another look. We always include SEVERAL full page ads or magazine illustrations with various other smaller pieces from dictionaries, children’s books, etc. You’re not going to find a kit more valuable than the one we put together month after month. At THEIR prices, who dares use them in paper crafts? I think that’s why most people FRAME them.

Well, not us. And neither should you. Rip ’em up, play with ’em, and have a grand time doing it.

We’ll be releasing details on our December kit very soon. And I have to tell you that this is our heaviest kit yet. It also has pages upon pages upon pages of vintage ephemera, most of it straight from full-size vintage magazines like LIFE or Collier’s. We want to convince each and every one of you what a fantastic deal our subscriptions will be when they start in January. In fact, we made the main kit so humongous, we don’t even HAVE an add-on kit for December… pretty much it’s included in the main kit, and of course, the price is still $39.95.

Stay tuned for more details. If in doubt, just ask Nina Patena, our December guest designer, what she thinks of the kit we sent her. She’s the only one who has a December kit, so she’s the one to ask… if it’s not in her eager hands right now, it will be very soon. And remember, there are only TEN kits, so if this sounds as magnificent as it should, you can pre-order one by e-mailing me at gauchealchemy at cox dot net.

Whew. Okay, I’m done ranting now. Here’s some cards made by the fantabulous Julie Kirk with our Fun and Games Slurry.

Click images to enlarge.


2 Responses

  1. The cards are fab, Julie! The gift boxes are so simple, yet so eye-catching (especially if the recipient spies a phrase or two from a vintage ’60’s era Playboy magazine!).

  2. I will totally confirm the amount of loot I got! I was flabbergasted! In a good way! It all begin with a yummy extra wide purple lace ribbon Amy used to tie my package up with! From there it was all heaven! 🙂

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