Dec kit project by Yasu!

Yasu made the most fantastic altered book using the December kit. As is usually the case with artwork, it looks so much better in real life than photos can show. She used beeswax on some of the ephemera, which resulted in the translucent, aged appearance you see.

One thing I want to mention – notice the Santa earring hanging from the cover of the book? I almost didn’t include that in the kit (every kit has a pair of these Santa earrings). The reason: I couldn’t imagine what *I* would do with this little finding – not really my style. But then I reminded myself of the PURPOSE of our kits – to push the boundaries of your creativity. We’re you’re personal muse, remember – or so we claim.

So, I threw the earrings in the kit, confident that both the design team and our customers would find wacky, wonderful, and beautiful uses for these little tchotchkes. Yasu had the same thought I did – WHAT THE HECK?! hee hee…

But LOOK what she did with it! I was certain it would have to be painted or altered in some way for me to appreciate it, but using it as she did, it stands perfectly well on its own, untouched, unaltered. Wow. She never fails to blow me away.

Here’s the rest of the book:




I just LOVE how she turned this snowman-shaped felt into an owl! 🙂



Despite my cold and our busy holiday weekend schedules, we did manage to select and compile all the stuff for January’s kit. Keep an eye out for our sneak peek the first Monday in January – you’re gonna LOVE this! Yasu was our photographer. It’s not always easy to work with three toddlers running around, but my stepdaughter Kaitlyn is always a huge help, and the kids are getting old enough that they generally do fine entertaining each other (at least until the toddler “witching hour” arrives – then we start getting more pushes, slugs, and melt-downs…)

Here are Yasu’s photos of our Saturday.

Heather, hard at work

I was totally cracking myself up with the cheesy content of the Manga comic book I was ripping up! (I think Yasu must have pressed the shutter button as I was sniffling – I don’t look particularly amused, do I?)

Here are our kiddos, happily amusing themselves (thank heaven for favors large and small) – Hero (Yasu’s), TQ (Heather’s), and Kaitlyn and Jhaleah (mine – Kaitlyn is carrying Jhaleah in the second photo).


Stay tuned – I have a project to share with you that I made from the December kit, as well (it’s not holiday themed, but I plan to give it as a gift this year). I just need to photograph it first!


4 Responses

  1. Yasu!!! That is just the most gorgeous altered book I’ve ever seen! Gorgeous!

    Hey, I’m so glad you threw in those earrings since most of the projects I have in mind are with those little Christmas tree earrings. Hehe. Hope my kit gets here soon so I can join in on the fun! =)


    P.S. Must’ve been tough to get anything done with the kids running around. LOL. But, ooooh, the January kit looks interesting from the sneak peek of the manga! =)

  2. Love the book – it’s reminded me that I bought a book to make into mini-book covers … must go find where I’ve put it! Just beautiful work – most certainly ‘muse’-worthy!

  3. great work! I love being inspired by you and these kits.

  4. Love the book! I really like all the bits and bobs you put in your stuff.

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