Video tutorial: how to use beeswax

Yasu and I got together a couple of days ago and put together this beeswax tutorial. It’s about 7 and a half minutes long and is our first EVER Gauche Alchemy video! Let us know what you think!

Oh, and I mention “we’re back” at the beginning of the video – you didn’t miss anything. I made a little “this is my life” video before this one with a teaser about the beeswax tutorial… but I decided it basically sucked, so I won’t be posting it. 🙂

The final version of the project Yasu was working on is finished… I’ll post a photo of it very soon!


11 Responses

  1. I couldn’t stop laughing, Amy! I can’t believe we didn’t even do any reheasal!

  2. Wow! That is so awesome (my son’s favorite expression from Bolt, hehe)! Thanks so much for sharing this! That’s a beautiful projects, Yasu. Can’t wait to see the final look. =)


  3. Hopefully I can join in on the fun next time!! Of course, Yasu is just the cutes darn thing ever. (:

  4. oh that’s gorgeous-I’m so gonna try this. I have a big lump of beeswax sitting in a drawer-I’ll have to get my grater out to make some small bits.

  5. Thanks for sharing an easy way to use beeswax. Love the ATC card.

  6. […] Yasu’s – that’s an 1800’s math text covered in beeswax. Remember this tutorial that shows you how to do […]

  7. I really enjoyed your video. Thanks!

  8. Where is the finished, finished ATC by Yasu?

  9. Yasu & Amy…I am one happy camper [or would that be a beeswax happy camper?]!!! I went and got my standard size craft iron(it’s first debut as a craft iron)and some small plain/clear candles that I got from one of our candle light services at church and shaved them up and it was PLAY city!!! I am off to take a picture.

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  11. I never thought of using an iron with the bees wax. WOW! Thank you!
    Yasu, I love your style. 😀

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