The torture has officially begun

Just wanted to post a little update for all you guest designer applicants who may be stalking the blog.

Heather and I hope to make some decisions in the next couple of days (Yasu is out of town, but I’m going to try to reach her for her input, as well).  We had hoped to have final decisions made by the end of the weekend, but it’s been such a crazy-busy one for Gauche Alchemy.  I can tell you that we have narrowed it down a little bit, but no final decisions have been made.

You will be e-mailed if you’re chosen before we announce on the blog.  Feel free to stalk the blog, anyway, though – or better yet, add us to a blog reader program so you will know right away when we’ve got a new post up!  (My preference is Google Reader – great reader, online and therefore available anywhere there’s an internet connection, and FREE.)

The level of talent is staggering.  Thanks so much to everyone who has applied.  And keep in mind that we occasionally use our applicant pool to assign little impromptu projects – so if you don’t make it this time, stick around and keep reading – there will be future opportunities.

Make sure you check in tomorrow – our January kit sneak peek will be posted sometime tomorrow.  I know you’ll be thrilled with what we’ve got for you this month!

And for those of you who are reading the blog through a reader program – we now have a link up on our sidebar to allow you to sign up for our e-mail newsletter.  Check it out.


5 Responses

  1. Yeah, it´s torture alright! =) But I´ll just have to start stalking my mailbox aswell then!
    My googlereader is set and I´m looking forward to some great sneaks!

  2. Good luck to everyone!! I love to stalk here….and I didn’t even apply for the GDT!! LOL

  3. Pure torture, indeed. 🙂 I am sure it is hard to choose with all the talent out there, I am always amazed at the beautiful work of others.

  4. good to know i’m not the only one stalking! and, thanks for the tip on google reader! it’s so much easier to keep up with everything! good luck to everyone and Happy New Year!

  5. I can’t wait to see who gets the guest designer for February! There is always such fabulous ladies trying out for the team!

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