I know this is my third post today – it’s been a busy one!

Wanted to let you gals know that we totally forgot to do the drawing on Saturday for the Bombshell Stamps and mermaid.  We’ll definitely do it this week.  If you haven’t entered yet, you still have a chance!

This is what happens when weekends have extremely long to-do lists combined with toddlers underfoot!  (Although the kids were great this weekend… couldn’t have asked for more.)


2 Responses

  1. Yay, Julie! So happy to hear that I can see more of her lovely creations. Hmm, and those Acme kits sound verrry interesting. Can’t help but think about Bugs Bunny cartoons and Who Killed Roger Rabbit. Teehee.

    Awesome, killer line-up of guest designers, y’all. That is some awesome talented list of people right there and I can imagine how hellish it was to pick them out from all the talented people who did apply.

    Ooohhh, I love sneak peaks! Can’t wait to see the January kit! =)


  2. I agfree with Nina, them acme kits sounds awesome.. yay..

    Today I got around and blogged about my awesome news and you guys.

    I hope it´ll get you some swedish traffic.. And I got your blinkie working in my blog aswell.. woho!!

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