Guest designers!

The decisions are made.  The assignments are accepted.

Here they are:

First of all, if you hadn’t noticed, we’ve added a permanent design team member: Julie Kirk!

We love Julie.  We’d marry her if we could.  She makes us wish we were lesbians. She is the shiz.nit.  We couldn’t let her get away, so she’ll be designing for us using our Acme kits.  What is an Acme kit, you ask?  Well, it’s a kit full of various great stuff that hasn’t found it’s way into any of our monthly themed kits.  It’s a little bit of anything and everything.  We’ll be offering them for sale soon.  In the meantime, keep in mind we will make one for anyone who requests one and gives us a price range to work with.  How cool is that?  (To make a request, just e-mail us at gauchealchemy at cox dot net.)

February 2009 – Sylvie Leblond

Sylvie is from Quebec and blogs in French!  (Don’t worry – she’ll blog in English as well – at least for the month of January!)  Her style is whimsical and “doodley.”  I’m sure my husband will tell you that’s not a word.  But we’re not going to ask him.  Sylvie has a way of doodling with paper pieces and stitching – head over to her blog to see what I mean.

March 2009 – Jill Geraghty-Groves

Asking Jill to join our creative team was an absolute no-brainer.  This Australian dynamo can do it all – mixed media, altered art, art journaling, scrapbook layouts… and fantastic photography to boot!

April 2009 – Glenda Tkalac

Glenda hails from the cold north – Saskatchewan, Canada!  She loves ATCs, art journaling, scrapbooking, mini-books, stamping, challenge blogs… am I forgetting anything, Glenda?  Trust me, this girl is all over it!  Oh, and she’s a Marilyn fan.  🙂

May 2009 – Mahlin Andersson

I hope Mahlin’s work delights you as much as it did us.  She lives in Sweden, and I can’t read a word of her blog.  Thankfully, all you really need to appreciate her blog is a functioning eyeball or two… oh, and she promises to blog in English during her designer term, so it’s the best of both worlds!  (We’re just helping her out with a New Year’s resolution to blog in English more often! *wink*)

June 2009 – Pam Thorburn

Pam lives in Scotland and is quite the prolific crafter and artist – layouts, mini-books, cards, and art journaling.  You’re going to have to check out her blog – lots of great photos and links!

July 2009 – Christi Wright

Christi is an enthusiastic second-time applicant; she lives here in the good ol’ USA (Virginia).  We were sad not to be able to use her talents last time around – so glad she hung in there an applied again.  She’s a cardmaker, a scrapbooker, a paper artist, and a writer.  Her clean, collage-y style is widely appealing, which probably explains why she’s been published a bunch o’ times!  If this isn’t enough to send you straight to her blog, I have to spill the beans on another type of eye candy.  Her boyfriend is totally hAWt! and she just posted a couple of photos and a short love note from him.  *flutter* *flutter*  Don’t punch me for ogling your boyfriend, Christi.  I can’t help but appreciate beautiful things. 😉

For every designer we were thrilled to offer a spot to, there were several deserving designers we had to turn away.  Boo.  I hate having to turn people away.  I hope you will all stick around for our drawings, eye candy, and tutorials.  Stay involved – we love you all… and you never know when we’ll get an itch to send a little package of goodness to an unsuspecting designer.  We do that every now and then.  Cuz we’re crazy like that.


8 Responses

  1. lol that explains why y’all have been on my blog so much! And I thought y’all liked my work! Thanks a bunch guys! YOU so ROCK!

  2. Congrats to the GDT! Can’t wait to see what they make.

    Finally got around to using some of the products you sent me and wanted to share with you:
    Still Hurts

  3. I am sooo soo excited.. Not only a, I getting married in may.. I´m ALSO getting this great guest spot.. It´s awesome! =) Thank you so much!

    Off to check out Christis hottie! woho =D

  4. Thanks so much-this is so excting-and congratulations to the other designers-I feel honoured to be there among them-and I quite agree about Julie-Her art and her way with words are fab!!

  5. Wow ladies that’s some declaration of affection!!! I’m so happy to be marrying into the Gauche Alchemy family [if not strictly marrying Amy, Heather and Yasu in person!]. Congratulations to all our [ooh that’s so cool to be able to say ‘our’] guest designers. I’m going to indulge myself and catch up on all your blogs as soon as I can :). What a great start to 09 for us all xx

  6. Thank very much for this great opportunity! Congratulations to all the others GDT, you are soooo talented!!! Can’t wait to see the wonderful creations to come!

  7. Congrats, gals! I can’t wait to see what you create.

  8. Weeeeeeee!!!! Thanks so much for this awesome opportunity, what an honor to be included amongst all this talent!! I am super pumped to be guesting and can hardly wait to play with one your unique and amazing kits!! Congrats to the others as well, I can hardly wait to see your creations!

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