We interrupt this program for an important message

Many of you have likely heard of the CPSIA legislation due to take effect in February.  In a knee-jerk reaction to the unsafe toys imported by US manufacturers from China, this vague and sweeping law will prohibit sale of goods intended for children under the age of 12 unless independently tested for lead and other hazardous substances or parts.

Good in theory, bad in practice.  This legislation will drive an enormous number of small businesses OUT of business.  No more handmade toys, no more resale of vintage toys and books – even as ridiculous as no more donations of untested items to charity!  Instead, we’ll be forced to destroy or “permanently dispose of” these items.

Think of our landfills.

Think of our economy.

Think of American entrepreneurs.

Please join us in making your voice heard on this issue.  It’s as simple as going to this website, signing up (took 30 seconds – promise!), and clicking on a button to vote for the issue to be put in front of President Obama as soon as he takes office.  Then spread the word.  At risk: 0ur livelihoods, our environment, our economy, and our children’s access to anything but manufactured toys from big business.

For a hysterically funny take on this matter, you simply must read this blog post!

Trust me, this post is entirely worth the read.

When you’re done, help get the word out.  Twitter, Facebook, blog, e-mail… all that good stuff.

Thank you.  Drive through.



One Response

  1. How crazy is this-everything will end up mass marketed and there will be no unique or lovinlgt crafted items left!

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