Some pretties

Hi everyone – thought I’d share some pretties I found.

Also, a reminder – we will be drawing our blinkie giveaway this week – to qualify, make sure our blinkie is posted on your blog sidebar or widget list. The code is in our sidebar to the left.

First up, I found this wonderful Etsy shop called lorenscruggs. She makes the most delightful toys and whistles from re-purposed cans and bottlecaps. I think this adorable elephant is my favorite!


Next up – Cloth Paper Scissors magazine


This is currently my favorite magazine. Although I don’t work in all the mediums featured, it always gives me ideas – and perhaps more impotantly – eye candy! If your local library subscribes to this, take a look for a sneak preview. It’s well worth the price, in my opinion.

The news stand price is pretty steep for a magazine (but comparable to the Stampington/Sommerset magazines) – it’s more reasonable to subscribe.


2 Responses

  1. I am an addict of CPS & finally received a 2 yr sub for my b-day! Wahooooo!

  2. My sub is about to run out – I need to renew. It is seriously one of the best things going. 🙂

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