We are douchebags – a freebie if you’ll forgive us!

So sorry to all of you for not wrapping up the vitally important business of choosing and announcing our giveaway winners.

We suck.

I have only one lame excuse:

How the hell did it get to be SATURDAY already?!

I haven’t actually (ahem) had a chance to split apart all that loot and figure out how many packages need to be given away. Kind of need to do that before I can draw names…

There is good news… you can still anticipate you might be one of the lucky few to win a FREE package of great goodness. Heather and I both have the weekend and MLK day off (Monday), so if we don’t pull our shit together and post the winners, you will be permitted to throw tomatoes at us. Rotten tomatoes. We won’t even duck.

In the meantime, here is more lovely work from our Acme girl, Julie Kirk.
Aren’t you so thrilled that Acme kits will be available soon?
Would you like to win one?

Here’s what you do. Help us out with some market research by telling us the IDEAL price range for an Acme kit (keeping in mind that you’ll get a larger and more varied goodie bag for a larger price point). $6? $15? $100? You get the idea. How big (or small) a kit would be the best, in your opinion? If you win, we’ll send the first Acme kit to you – free of charge.

For more information and photos of this project, see Julie’s blog post – it’s really a fantastic example of upcycling!


Hope blooms!


17 Responses

  1. Your post just cracked me up. Glad to know I’m not the only one who loses days 🙂

    Well, in going off my current budget, it would have to be like an $8 kit. But ideally I would think a $15-$25 kit would be fantastic.

  2. No tomatoes…suggesting $19.99 for the new Acme randomness kits, in medium-sized versions in comparison to your usual ones, with lots of attitude to play with to our heart’s content.

  3. Okay, I’ve stopped laughing now…..!
    You are forgiven, as long as I’m one of those who wins a batch of goodies!! : )
    As far as price range for the Acme kits, I would say below $20.00 would be the most likely to grab people and fit my budget as well!

  4. I think I’m with the others. $20-25 would be ideal. Enough not to feel guilty but enough to feel like a treat..

    I can’t believe we’re 1/2 way through the 2nd month of 2009 already!!

  5. Hmmm, I think the $20 range would be great, with optional add-ons for when we want to splurge! My husband has me on scrapbook probation (something about my supplies literally touching the ceiling, blah blah blah), and $20 isn’t something he’s going to necessarily even notice, ha ha ha (that was my evil laugh by the way) and that way I can sneak it in under his radar 😉

  6. Oh, Tracy, you scheming sinner! 😉

  7. i think $20-$25 would be good. 😉

  8. i am thinking 20-25 as well…

  9. I think $18 would be perfect, with add on possibilities to take it up to about $24…so even with shipping it would be under $30. Somehow, everything that stays under $30 stays of the Dear Hubby Radar. 😉

  10. Ok, I will hold off on throwing the tomatoes at you and maybe chop them up for a yummy salad instead. 😉 LOL! As far as a price point for the Acme Kits, I would say either 19.99 or 24.99 would be good prices. I know they are just a penny away from the 20 and 25 price, but it is the psychological effect that it’s under $20 or the $25…makes you feel like it’s a bargain price…hee, hee, hee. Know what I mean? I would say to my DH, “Yeah, I know I have a lot of scrapbooking supplies, but it was under $20 and such a great deal!!!” (wink-wink) See?! LOL!

  11. I’m with the majority here, I’m thinking 20-25 but I know because I live in Canada it’s always the shipping that kills me! sob, sob….ha ha!

  12. Oh, and I forgot to say I’m laughing my ass off over here about the whole douchebag thing!! hahaha Amy you kill me!

  13. Julie, this is just amazing. I was spellbound by this amazing piece of art. LOVE, love how you used those little bits and pieces of cloth. It’s like a garden of fabric flowers! =)


  14. And, yup, I agree that Acme kits could be around $20. 😉

  15. i’m going with the majority on this one… i think the $20 range would be ideal… given most people’s economic standing right now, that is affordable for most.

    the bag to too cute, btw!

  16. I’d say $25 would be about right, maybe with an “extras” kit available for when we feel like treating ourselves x

  17. i like the idea of smaller kits – maybe around the 12.99 – 15.99 range. That would be good inspiration for a wider audience then, and the previously mentioned idea of the add-ons could work here too.

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