Jo James and her wonderful dolls

I just have to share this with you! I discovered a fabric artist named Jo James in Cloth Paper Scissors’ Jan/Feb ’09 issue. She works with fellow artist Dylan Curry, and together they form The Cart Before the Horse.

Craft dolls are not generally my cup of tea. I’m more open to art dolls, but they still are not my primary eye candy. Jo is a dollmaker of a different ilk, however. I wholeheartedly love her work – I love looking at her dolls and art quilts. It’s truly amazing stuff. It’s categorized as “primitive folk art,” but this is a broad category, and other artists in that category haven’t made me swoon to the degree she does. 🙂 (Of course, now I’m off to check her links… nothing like a great artist to lead you to other great artists!)

Make sure you check out her blog – but in the meantime, here are a few ticklers.



2 Responses

  1. What fun, Amy! And how amazing are those dolls and quilts. I can imagine them as characters and the set of an animated movie! =)


  2. Hi! Thanks for featuring our odd little dollies on your blog.
    Your sweet and swoony words made me happy 🙂

    Hugs- Jo

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