Shrine in a Box project kit

Ready for the reveal? Here it is!

You will get a chipboard K&Co “matchbox.” (It’s much larger than a real matchbox, don’t worry!)

And you’ll get a fistful (or two) of found objects we uncovered just for this kit. Plus a gorgeous swatch of purple velvet. Ooooh… purple velvet!

The price? Half of our usual monthly kit price – only $19.95 this month!

We have only a limited number of these, so don’t delay. Go here to purchase!





Now, take a look at the brilliant use Jill Geraghty-Groves has made of the kit:





INCLUDED in the kit:
1 K&Co chipboard matchbox
2 white plastic doves
2 metal bird nailheads
1 white and gold plastic cross
1 large silver safety pin
1 miniature straw hat
1 seashell
1 ballerina nailhead
handful of celestial-shaped nailheads, costume jewelry, sequins (stars, moon, sun)
2 vintage-style decorative buttons
1 piece of gold costume jewelry (varies)
1 small monkey-face patch
1 blue feather
1 playing card with king and queen design
1 navy blue tassle
1 blue “silk” flower
2 pages from reproduction of a vintage children’s book
2 pages of sheet music (hymns)
1 string of “pearls”
18″ length of white and silver sequin trim
12″ length of mini red bead trim
1 miniature baby figurine
1 swatch purple velvet fabric
5 sheets of small paper (varied) – approximately 4″x6″
1 plastic acrobat

Click here to purchase!


4 Responses

  1. Waaaaaay cool!

  2. Brilliant idea! Very cool!

  3. Gorgeous! Loving, loving the cool pieces in the kit!

    How gorgeous is that shrine in a box!

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