Talk about ephemeral art! (and a giveaway)

Thought I’d mention a giveaway you can enter if you love Banana Frog stamps (I do!). I actually won some stamps yesterday (whoo-hoo!), but that didn’t stop me from entering again! 🙂 Go here.

P.S. It’s worth taking a look at their blog – so much fun, lots of tutorials, and our very own Julie Kirk designs for them, as well.

On to the art:

Ya gotta check this guy: Scott Wade’s Dirty Car Art

Scott Wade is a Texas artist (from Austin, natch) who uses the dusty windows of cars to make art. Once the rain and wind clear his canvas, he’ll start again.

Totally my kinda guy – he has a permanent excuse for having a dirty car!!


Here are some samples – for more, click the link above!


2 Responses

  1. OMG it’s incredible, he could do that on my car, it’s dirty enough!! xx

  2. Woooooow. So cool.

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