ACME kits are here!!!!

It’s been a crazy month or two here at the Gauche Alchemy studios, and here we are in April already!  Now, many of you have heard little whispers of these mysterious “ACME” kits, often showcased in our designer Julie Kirk’s work.  For example…julie1julie

Ribbons, punchinella, fabric, buttons, tons of vintage paper ephemera and all sorts of lovely bits!

Amy and I are very excited to announce that as of THIS VERY MOMENT, our custom Acme kits are available for sale at the very reasonable price of $15.95.  Can you believe it???  Here is a peek at this latest batch:


Did you see that hot pink, transparent playing card?  I can’t wait to play with that!  These kits are packed to the brim with baubles galore; plenty of things to stretch your creative muscles.  In fact, the fabulous challenge site, Inspired Blueprints, is featuring our kits this month!  There is so much creativity to be found on their site; please take some time to visit, or perhaps even join in one of their challenges.  Go HERE to find out how you can win one of our soon-to-be-famous ACME kits!

To view complete details or to purchase one these limited kits, please do the clickie HERE!  Come on, I know you want to!  (:

5 Responses

  1. Cool Julie!
    I can’t wait to play with the kit too!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have been browsing the etsy store and LOVE your kits. Is it possible to sign-up monthly for them? All of the art here is so inspiring it makes me want to quit the chores and play.

  3. awww man – i’m too late!
    this kit looked AMAZING!
    oh well … next time…???

    and i’m with gwen, is it possible to sign up for a monthly sub by any chance?

  4. Gwen and Lara –
    We actually offered some subscriptions late last year, but the economic climate is difficult for a lot of people and we didn’t get much response. We’re working on setting up a new structure for recurrent ordering – we’ll be in touch with you as soon as we have something set up for you! You’ll get first shot at the kits if you order a sub but won’t have to buy if you don’t want to.

    P.S. Lara – there are more kits up on Etsy – we will ALWAYS have Acme kits available… we’re planning to make more every time our stock runs low. There are 3 left of this original lot – go grab one! 😉

    I just snapped up an ACME kit and will wait patiently about sub news 😀

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