A new offering… coming soon

Hey everyone. Sorry to be silent for the past few days. Heather and I are busy as ever – and if you haven’t noticed, the U.S. federal tax filing deadline is quickly approaching. Just to give you an idea – I have two businesses (Gauche Alchemy and my physician assistant business), and my husband is also a self-employed contractor. This equals a lot of junk to figure out when filing taxes.

But enough of my tax misery.

To procrastinate just a bit more, I photographed a new kit I’m very excited about, which will be released soon. I couldn’t resist giving you a little sneak peek – keep in mind that this is only a bit of the variety to be included.

I actually have several more goodies on order and more stuff waiting in garages of willing donors. Hey, anyone’s junk can be bought for a price, I’ve discovered… people are trying to unload everything from their “barely used” stereo to their baby’s crib, and here I am offering to buy rusty hinges…

These kits of found objects and tiny doo-dads (the official term, don’cha know) will be offered by COLOR. Couldn’t you just eat these?

By the way, we haven’t forgotten that one of you who participated in our poll regarding the price of Acme kits (this was about a month ago) will win an Acme kit – we haven’t had time to draw a name and pack it up for ya.. but we will!

Also, thanks to all who’ve signed up for our newsletter. We’re working on it right now… if you haven’t signed up yet, click on the link on the left sidebar to sign up. There will be sales that are announced ONLY in the newsletter, so you don’t want to miss it.


3 Responses

  1. oh wow -these look good enough to eat!

  2. These are scrumptious! Yep, definitely good enough to eat! Way cool, ladies! =)


  3. […] 2009 by Amy Wing While we’re all twiddling our thumbs waiting for our order to complete the color kits to come in, let’s look at some more FABuuuulous work from Nina Patena. This woman cranks out […]

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