Some layouts to share

I’m sorry to have made you all wait to see these gorgeous layouts. I know your lives have been incomplete until you laid eyes on these.

Check this out – Julie Kirk made another cheeky layout using our Acme kit. For more info on her creative process for this one, visit her blog.



Here are a couple of magnificent layouts from Nina Patena (a past guest designer) using our Gams and Garters kit:

This one was for a challenge at Inkurable Stampers:

And this one was in response to a challenge to make something on the layout a “surprise.” Want to know what the surprise is? You’ll have to visit her blog!

I will be posting some of my own projects soon – gotta take some photos first! 😉


2 Responses

  1. Hiya, Amy! Thanks so much for posting these. Just happy to share. =)

    Julie, gorgeous work as always, girl! Love how you highlighted the photo and made use of the elements. Gorgeous! =)


  2. Oh these are great!! My life is now complete!! Thank you Thank you!!

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