Copy and Paste – a new challenge blog!

Hello everyone. I’m putting off a relaxing shower that I desperately need to bring to you this public service announcement:

Julie Kirk, one of our very own designers, has started a challenge blog called Copy and Paste!

I for one, always jump to be involved in anything and everything Julie. You HAVE to check out the avatars on the right sidebar of Julie and her cohort, Kirsty Neale. I have to make me one of those!

Here’s the description of their brand-spanking-new site:

*ctrl+c and ctrl+v*
Being creative and original doesn’t always have to begin with re-invented wheels, clean slates and blank pages.

*COPY*: There’s a world of perfectly ingenious mind-stirring quotations, lyrics, conversations, designs, photographs, bits, pieces and miscellaneous bobs out there … and we intend to put them to use.

*PASTE*: From these glimmering ‘found’ gems of inspiration we make something satisfyingly new from paper, paint, pixels, fineliners, fabric, fluff, glue, crayon, words … mime … OK, maybe not mime.

We’d be so happy to have you pick up your creative-tool-of-choice and do some copying and pasting alongside us. Happier still if you’d bring a friend … and some refreshments.

Head on over there and check out their very first challenge – the “copy” portion is all about Shakespeare. The “paste” portion, of course, is entirely up to you.

Speaking of Julie, I couldn’t resist posting this layout she made about DOGS!



2 Responses

  1. Ohhhhh! Off to check it out!

  2. Had to come by to say thankyou!! I received my purchase today and am HAP-HAP-HAPPY!!
    ps added a blinkie today too 😉

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