More lovely eye candy from our designers

Here’s some more great stuff from Sylvie and Yasu!

Let’s start with Sylvie. She used our Happy Housewives kit to create the following:

sylvie lo

Sylvie hold my hand

Do you enjoy Sylvie’s whimsical, stitched style as much as I do?

Here is some recent work from Yasu. She uses quite a bit of various Acme kits in her work. (As an aside, we’ll be releasing the next round of Acme kits soon.)

This one is a virtual plethora of great techniques. She painted string with acrylic paints and then laid it all over her page:
yasu sun

She is really getting into making her own embellishments out of polymer clay (stuff like Sculpy – you can get it at any art store). She simply stamps or draws on the clay when it’s soft, then lets it harden, then colors it with inks or paint. Here’s a close-up of the above layout showing this technique:
yasu sun closeup

And how about this one? Leave a comment and do tell us what you think.

She likes to incorporate her son’s artwork into her layouts… and she makes it work so well with the flow of her own design.
yasu my hat


One Response

  1. Wow!!! Sylvies work is so fresh and different – incredible!!!

    And Yasu’s colours and techniques are wonderful – I love all the textures.

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