June kit unveiled! (finally…)

Here it is.  It’s on sale in our Artfire shop for $19.95!

I’m frankly proud that we’ve been able to continue packing our kits with a LOAD of great finds despite the 50% reduction in price we’ve been going with lately.

The theme?  “I’m a very handsome man!”  This kit is all about manliness.  We’ve released it just in time for Father’s Day (great guess, Beverly!), but of course, it will get you through many months of any type of machismo.

handsome man mike myers

Though most of you had no idea what the third hint (involving Mike Myers with a photo of himself) was about, this kit is named after a couple of obscure skits he did in 1989 on Saturday Night Live as character Lark Thompson in which he smiled like a goober and proclaimed “I’m a very handsome man!”  Now every time I see a goobery (and I don’t mean in the yummy sense)  “handsome man,” I have to mimic Mike Myers in that skit.  Think David Hasselhoff.


The first hint, Ben Stiller as Zoolander, was a spin on the same theme – the model-handsome guy who takes himself waaaay too seriously.  🙂

I’d totally mack on Ben Stiller .  As long as he’s not making that face.

Here’s the kit!

handsome man center low res

Lookie, lookie!  Father stickers from Flair Designs, 2 patterned 12×12 papers, 5 larger vintage magazine pages, 5 smaller vintage magazine or book pages, two swatches of fabric (houndstooth and plaid), two Marlboro Man playing cards, a bunch of brads (screws, saws, hammers, wrenches, pewter tag), 2 vintage photographs, a sheet of 7 Gypsies cardstock (various designs), vintage appointment book page, Scrabble letters, bingo chip, metal knob, piece of stone or costume jewelry, matchbook cover, green rope… NIFTY, huh?

handsome man left low res

handsome man right low res

handsome man doodads low res

handsome man photos low res

handsome man low res

We are also offering this lovely coordinating collage sheet for $1.50 with the kit.  Alone, it costs $2.50 plus shipping.

handsome man collage watermark


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