Orange color kit and ACME kit, lot #2

We now have ORANGE color kits (in addition to our previously released pink, green, blue, yellow and white)!

Here’s what they look like all packaged up – there are TWO in these photos.  They are still only FOUR dollars a piece.

orange kit small

orange kit2 small

And that’s not all!  Our second installment of the ACME kit is now available. $15.95 each, baby.

Take a look:

acme lot2 small

acme lot2 angle1 small

acme lot2 angle2 small

I’m not going to outline everything that’s in this kit – after all, surprise is part of the bargain!


4 Responses

  1. got my kit ordered!
    these kits kick ass!!!!!!

  2. Okay, I totally passed out for a minute when I saw this Acme kit! Why oh why am I broke this week?!?! I will be back the minute I see how much I can get for giving blood! lol Have a great day!

  3. Love the stuff here!

  4. Got my kit yesterday!
    It got the inspirational juices going!
    That negative strip is ubelievable – its one of those ephemera pieces i’m scared to use cause its just so cool!

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