Color kits and more color kits!

Here’s some serious eye candy – just for you.

Uncontrolled salivation: how they look in our inventory room.

color kits inventory

The orange is now available on ArtFire:

orange kit spilled

Oh, and also the white:

white kit spilled

And the blue:

blue kit spilled

And the yellow:


The green:


And, of course, the pink… oh, the pink:


These are not available quite yet, but they will be soon (just need to package them up!).  I just can’t resist sharing the photos with you!  You do want to see all the colors together in one place.  I know you do.

purple kit spilled

red kit spilled

brown kit spilled

black kit spilled


3 Responses

  1. gimme gimme that brown one – YUM!!!!!!

  2. […] and the pink! Thanks Amy for the opportunity to work with the kits!!! Love them!! Check out the latest post where she posted ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the rainbow coloured pack that will be up for sale! Check […]

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