A scrapbooking challenge – reuse, recycle, repurpose

Okay, y’all.

(You’d think I grew up in the South… but I didn’t.)

I have a really fun challenge for you.

If you’re not a scrapbooker, feel free to enter this challenge by creating a card, an altered piece, sculpture – or really anything creative! It’s all about JUNK!

(BTW, the above book is by Mary Randolph Carter, and while it’s not the prize, if you would like to take a closer look, click on the image. Oh, and just because it says AMERICAN junk, that doesn’t mean we don’t want international participation!)

Here are the rules.

Find ONE object in your house (or yard) that does NOT reside in your craft/scrapbooking area or studio.  DON’T CHEAT!!  🙂  Incorporate this object into your piece.

Here are some ideas:


Junk mail

Kid’s toys (as long as they won’t miss them)

Part of a piece of clothing you were planning to get rid of (this works really well for stained or torn children’s clothing, especially)

Toilet paper roll

Broken costume jewelry

Electronic pieces from a broken *something*

Watch face or watch band

Used dryer sheet

You get it – look at everything with new eyes and use your imagination.  If you’re stuck and have kids, have them help you – you’d be amazed at what they come up with!

You can do anything you want with your chosen object.  Make it into a flower.  Mash or crumple it up. Leave it as is.  Whatever suits your fancy.

When you’re done, take a picture and upload it to our Flickr group. Add a comment that says “recycling challenge” and whatever else you’d like to add.  Deadline is Friday, June 19 at midnight (I’m not real strict about the deadline – just as long as it’s there by the time I get up on Saturday!)

We’ll be choosing a winner at random – so everyone has a chance.  To increase your chances, spread news of this challenge!  Link to this entry on your blog or on any forms or communities you are part of.  For each place you post, you’ll get another entry!  Please leave a comment and link telling us where you posted so we can enter you again.

The prize? Hmmm… some sort of junk from our inventory. We know you all like JUNK!


One Response

  1. What’s funny is all that stuff on the list is already IN THERE! That book looks SO familiar…I’m thinkin it still might be packed?

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