Layouts using color kits – Merdrey rocks my planet

Merdrey made good use of the whole spectrum of our color kits, from red to white.  This shows (awesomely) how easily the color kits can be incorporated into scrapbooking.  She nailed it!  WHAP-BOW!!

merdrey lo 45 min

merdrey lo 45 min2

merdrey lo 45 min3


8 Responses

  1. This layout is soooo freakin amazing!!!!! She rocked the kazaba!!!

  2. […] No Comments firstly….a sneaky of a rainbow coloured inspired layout i did over at Gauche Alchemy =) Simple and easy…just grab the colour […]

  3. Wowowowowowow that is awesome!

  4. This is great!! Love the rainbow 🙂

    Amy, check your mail, I need an address 🙂

  5. Wao! Just amazing!!!

    By the way Amy, check this girl who used your kit!

  6. WOW – that’s one of the coolest things i’ve ever seen!

  7. This is fabulous, fresh and original !!

  8. […] is another long-time friend and past guest designer. She has a quirky, whimsical style that is somewhat reminiscent of Julie Kirk (whom we miss so […]

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