More art books – jumping tall buildings in a single bound

Thanks for tuning in again, fans! It’s late in the day, but I did promise another post for you bookworms out there. In fact, I think I’ll be making a whole series of book posts – so if you want the scoop, I’ll save you all the trouble of having to research. If you like researching, by all means, don’t let me get in your way.

Here are the other books I bought yesterday.

I have been interested in drawing lately. I just love the non-polished personal look of doodles in art journaling and even scrapbook pages. Of course it translates well to mixed media art… and though I’m improving, I still think myself more an admirer than a artist in my own right. Erk. Gotta get past that.

drawing skills

Of all the books I looked at, this one seemed the most varied. Perspectives, form, expressions, still life, natural world drawings, portrait drawing (male, female, young, old…), figure drawing, caricatures, tools and materials… lots of good stuff. Click above to check it out at Amazon.

Finally, the last book I bought yesterday:

paper transformed

I was very excited to take a peek inside this book – it has tons and lots and many way to create different surfaces on paper using all sorts of techniques and media. Whoa. Great book. Can’t wait to try some of these out. As a burgeoning (wannabe) mixed media artist, I have nervousness and insecurity about how best to create a textured background. Methinks no more!

Now, these two are from my bookshelf – I’ve had them for a while. I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t spent much time with the techniques in them yet (yet!), but the contents are tremendously EXCITING! (Get excited, people!)

The first one is similar to the one just above (Paper Transformed), except with clay!

polymer clay

You will not BELIEVE the crap this woman can do. She can make clay look like anything!  Bone, marble, metal (various kinds), turquoise (and a bunch of other semi-precious stones), leather, mother of pearl, slate, copper verdigris, wood, river rock, cloisonne, dichrotic glass… it goes on and on.  Really amazing stuff.

Last book for today.  This is one of my absolute favs.  It’s only 51 pages long, but it is essential if you’re starting to use acrylic paints (and maybe even if you’re somewhat experienced).

altered surfaces

The reason I find this book so exciting and useful is because, in addition to presenting some groovy techniques, it unravels the mystery of the bajillion different kinds of acrylic paints and associated media – colors and how they work with one another (do you know which colors “cover and color”, which “color without covering”, which are thick, which are thin?); gels, grounds, pastes… this is one I read every word of – it’s concise and packs a real punch for the number of pages. It actually shows you what each color looks like over other colors – glazes, mineral and modern pigments. It shows you what each type of medium looks like on surfaces (gel medium, fiber paste, crackle paste, etc.). It has a section about tools and brushes. Oh and it has purty examples. 🙂

I honestly believe this book will save me years of aggravation (and potentially giving up) by explaining things so well. That’s important for an untrained artist like myself. I can just take a flip through this book, pick something that looks good for the project I’m working on, and go to it.

Be back soon for more reviews. I’ve got some great stuff you’ll want to see.


5 Responses

  1. Oooh! Again! More goodies! I love the look of the paper transforming one and the acrylic one. I’m going to look for these on amazon.

  2. ladies i love your site…and your shout out! love the book reviews….keep up the spirited work!

  3. The paper and clay books along with the acrylic one look so interesting! I think I definitely need to start reading up and get my artistic butt in gear! lol

  4. Hey, I have the paper transformed and the altered surfaces and they are awesome!!!! I am a book and magazine junkie!

  5. Bummer Amy. I missed the “I’m hopeless with your kits” comp LOL.

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