Mahlin is a Handsome Man too!

Our fabulous guest designer Mahlin Wiggur created these lovely projects with the I’m a Very Handsome Man! kit. I’ll include her comments with them. Leave a comment and let us know your favorite part about either layout!

(BTW, Mahlin has been a busy lady lately – she got married and bought a house! You should really visit her blog and take a look at her wedding photos – I ADORE her dress… beautiful and different than what you normally see!)

Mahlin familjefar

Familjefar means Father of the family/Familyfather. It´s about my strong handsome DH and how he makes us feel safe. The background paper is the paper that was wrapped around my kit.

(If you didn’t know, we wrap all our kits beautifully – like a present in the mail.)

Mahlin fixare

Fixare, (doer) is about how he isn´t a very good doer. He tends to wait for me to fix stuff. He is not a handyman but when he does, he tries his best. here he is putting together the bed for the baby. I added some cardboard.

I love Mahlin’s work and am sad her guest designer stint is almost over. C’mon, let’s cheer her on and see if she’ll make some more projects for us before she goes! 😉

Tomorrow, I’m posting a really amazing project from one of our customers! Don’t miss it!


2 Responses

  1. Those layouts are great! I love how she used cardboard on the second one!

  2. In the first one I like that she used part or all of the packaging, the paper and fabric contrast, the visual safety implied by using the “bar” maybe over the house window sorta thing. In the other one the overall sense of everything truely being altered when her hubby has a go at fixing things- a good visual to what ever journaling she as going.

    Amy, I made an LO with both pictures -it’s there on the {GA} Flickr pool and if you what to see just the two photos you can always click the 2nd and 3rd tags. Happy happies.

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