A great tip – get “Perfect Pearls” for less!

First of all – you’ll be reassured to know (you can stop holding your breath now – you’re turning blue) that I am in process of replacing many of the doo-dads for the color kits that we were running low on. All colors are now in stock. Whoo-hoo!

Secondly, you will be seeing a lot more of my here-to-fore silent partner, Heather Pearson. I am not well lately, and although I am very hopeful it will pass soon, this is a good opportunity for Heather to jump right in after resolving some things, herself, that kept her out of the limelight. You will love her – she is sassy, very creative and thoughtful. You’ll see that her style is different from my own in some ways, which makes for a perfect blending of talent and vision.

On to the MEATY stuff – I read this fantastic tip in Mixed Media Mosaics by Laurie Mika.

She said you can use old eyeshadow for pigment instead something like Perfect Pearls.

Then it hit me – I use Alima Pure mineral make-up, which I love, by the way. BUT! You can get unlimited samples for $1 each! They are gorgeous – I’m going to use some of the many I have – I order a bunch whenever I place an order. I just HAD to share that with you all.

alima stargazing

That’s just a little sample – there are a bajillion colors.

Check out this (pearl luster) and this (luminous shimmer). They also have satin matte – and you might want to check out the blush, too.

Can’t beat that! I’m sure you can use whatever, but I think what you get for $1 is really good – I have used their little sample pots for months before they run out.

Oh, and I save their packaging, too, because it is completely awesome – their signature little birdie – NO brand name on the stickers the close the packages with, and they easily peel off, ready for recycling.


2 Responses

  1. That’s an interesting tip, thanks! I hope you feel better soon!!!

  2. Hope you are feeling better!

    I was just over at their site. I handn’t heard of them before so thanks for the link. Great stuff, great colors! Might have to order some samples to wear!

    I have something like perfect pearls, but I haven’t ever used them… wasn’t quite sure how to. Going to have to quit being intimidated and just get them out and play!

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