Winner of Blue Color Kit contest – now for the Pink kit!

This one was a bit challenging – so many great suggestions! The new name of the Blue color kit will now be: *duh-duh-duh-DUMMMMM*

Blue Streak

And the winner (randomly chosen) of the prize pack (Blue, of course) is Joyce Rodli! I’ll be contacting you for your snail mail addy, Joyce.

blue kit spilled

(Oh, just so’s ya know… a bunch of new stuff is coming in, replenishing color kit supplies… different stuff than before. You’re welcome.)

This suggestion came from both Maggi and Clair. Thanks, gals!

I have to say, I like Blue Streak because, on first glance, it seems so innocent… but then you start thinking of cussing and streakers. Now, that’s the kind of product name that’s right up my alley!

I have to say that Sue Pelletier (one of my fav artists, BTW) offered up some truly gauche names that REALLY appealed to me: “BLUE-job” and “BLUE your nose!”

Blue-job is just my fav. However, we at Gauche Alchemy have a fine line to walk. We must be gauche, yet we can’t cross the line into absolutely offensive… not that I find it offensive in the slightest, but we want to bring people into the Gauche fold without having them run in horror.

I have no idea why I considered “Bannana Hammock” to be just to the right side of the line and “blue-job” to the left side of the line. I can’t explain these things. Maybe I’ll have to go back to therapy to reason through it.

So! Let’s get started on the next contest/drawing! The color this time is PINK. So, let’s hear your GAUCHE suggestions! And don’t be afraid to cross that line I was talking about. After all, I did pick “Banana Hammock” and I seriously considered “Blue Balls” and “Blue-job.”

Give it all ya got! Leave your comments below – and invite your friends! If you post about this, leave a link to the post, and I’ll enter your for an extra chance to win for each different place you post. 😀 Sweeten the pot a little…

Oh, and as a little aside, we ARE going to release a July kit. Our July guest designer has made some truly staggering projects for you to drool over, but you can’t see them yet.

Okay, I’ll give you a couple of sneak peeks:


13 Responses

  1. Don’t have a PINK suggestion but I just wanted to say that I placed my first order and I am SUPER STOKED. Can’t wait!!!

  2. The first thing that came to mind(I guess I need a bar of soap), even though it’s a reality is Pink Door.

    Amy, you just HAD to say soMething more( i get it now)!!!! Back in highschool I heard a gomer pile joke from a bunch of jocks and at least an hour later during a big math test I burst out with the bunch line distracting everybody!!!

    WoW!!! I won!!! They get poured into the articoke jar.

  3. Racing for Pinks
    Pink I

  4. Pink Freud

  5. Love the new blue name and can’t wait to see the July kit!

    Now as for the pink kit…hmmmm…

    Pink Ladies (or Pink Lady like the drink)
    Think Pink
    Pink Stains
    Cotton Candy
    Pink Elephants
    Pink Squirrel
    Pink Gin
    Powder Puff
    Pink Slip
    Pretty in Pink
    In The Pink

    Okay, I think I have to stop now…the word pink has lost all meaning. lol

  6. I got one 🙂

    Pepto Pink

  7. By the way, I posted about this on my blog! 🙂

  8. Pink Bug Juice

    Pink Bug Gutz

    {after all you do have a bug on your logo}

  9. Gee Maggi was on a roll!!!
    Pink is my all time favorite color so this should be easy but it’s not… Lets see…
    …Maiden Pink…
    …Pink Cusp…
    …Pinky Swear…
    …Tiddly Wink Pink…
    …Color me Pink…
    …Extra Extra Pink all about it…
    …Pink Cheeks…
    …TaTa pink…

  10. Pink Lingerie

  11. hmmm.. I left a list of ones yesterday but my comment isn’t showing today, so let’s see if I can remember them all. Btw.. I came over from Maggi’s blog…
    Pink Parts
    Pink Paradise
    Pink Lemonade
    Pink Panties
    Pink, Pink, You Stink
    Preppy Pink
    Rockstar Pink
    Pink Bubblegum
    Pink Punch
    Pink Martini
    Pink Hula Hoop

  12. Double Surprise!! I’ve been waitin’ for an email, and it came in the mail on the 25th(I’ve been so busy trying to get the hang of a rose tutorial this weekend that I never checked the mail)! My last order wasn’t wrapped ,but be still my heart this one was. And I just figured out what The background of the photo will be. hapy happies.

  13. Great names, ladies!

    Joyce – I just came up with our “present” wrapping for the smaller packages. We had been doing that for our kits (you should order one just to see the packaging – including the shipping box!), but I just started doing it for the other kits. 🙂 Glad you liked it. Isn’t it just the best to open your mail to THAT? 😉

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