Winner of the pink contest! Ready for purple?!

The new name for the pink kit will be… “Pink Parts!” Thanks, Callista, for the great idea! (BTW, Callista has a FAB giveaway on her blog – go here!) Go here to see the new kit name up in lights… *ahem* … so to speak. πŸ™‚

The winner of the prize kit is drawn randomly — and the winner of the pink prize package (ooh! That’s a good name, too!) is Melissa!

Now let’s play this game again. This time, give me a name for the PURPLE color kit. Remember, it has to be GAUCHE but not utterly disgusting. A thin line, at times, I know… if in doubt – go for broke! (Hey, at least we can all have a good laugh!)

purple kit spilled

**Note to self: photograph the new kits… they have SOOO much more different stuff in them…**

I know we’re being horrible teases, but we promise the new kit will be out soooper dooper soon. Here’s another… heh… teaser:

outdoors sneak1

outdoors sneak2


16 Responses

  1. …and I thought *pink* was dangerous territory!!! lol

    Can’t wait for my ‘Pink Parts’ to arrive now!!! πŸ˜‰

  2. Oooooooh purple. Yum.

    Lets see…

    Grapllin’ Grapes
    Purple Passion
    Pulsating Purple πŸ˜›

  3. oh I was going to say purple passion too 😦
    ummm…how ’bout pretty purples..purple pretties..mellow mauves..luscious lilacs.. πŸ˜›

  4. or..pure purple..

  5. woohoo for pink parts! And congrats to Melissa!

    Thanks for posting the link to my blog and about my giveaway!

    Purple is my favorite color! so, here we go…
    Purple People Eater
    Purple Nurple
    Purple Props

    I’m outtie, got to go try and beat the heat!

  6. Grapetastic
    Gorgeous Grapes
    Mighty Morphin Power Purples πŸ™‚
    Purple Probe (I am not sure where that came from)

    I love Purple People Eater Callista πŸ˜€

  7. such a pretty kit! how about….

    plum crazy
    violet fetish
    purple rain (hehe)
    purple haze

  8. Congrats Callista and Melissa! Glad to see my referrals having fun over here! lol

    Some great names already so I think I’ll rest on this one! My personal votes are for Purple Nurple or Purple Haze! πŸ˜€

  9. how about PURPLELISHiSH! (not sure of spelling – like bublelishish)

  10. So far I like purple passion and purple haze.
    Other (purple) possibilities:
    purple persuasion
    perverted purple
    gropable grape
    grape grind
    plush purple

  11. Purple Pieces
    Purple Lush
    Purple Fizz
    Purple Perfection

  12. Purple Prose
    Purple Burple
    Purple Frenzy
    Happies to Callista and Melissa

    A play on Brenda’s “gropable grape” grope me grape

    Joys to everyone

  13. Did you know that Purple Prose – a section of a story with lots of flowery description – can also be called a Purple Passage? Now that made me laugh!

  14. How about “Purple Perps”? ( “perp” being slang for one who perpetrates a crime)

  15. How about ‘Make it Deep’ as in Deep Purple or ‘purple plethora’ .

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