Such a sweet thing

I got this awesome card in the mail from Nicole Maki a few days ago.

nicole maki you rock

Of course it looks much better IRL (isn’t it always the truth?), and getting it was the highlight of my week (a very tough one at that). I find Nicole so inspirational. Not only is she a great artist and the bomb-diggity to boot… but she suffers from a chronic disease that involves a significant amount of pain. Considering that my mother also suffers from chronic pain and disability, it’s close to home… but Nicole has such an optimistic attitude and looks for the good. I love that about her.

I’ve been meaning to share a little something from Natasha Prymak, one of our color kit designers. There are lots of yummy things on this piece, but if you take a good look, you’ll see several elements from our orange color kit. This is one of the best examples of using non-traditional supplies combined with more traditional supplies and wrapping it all up with your unique personal style.

Drink it in:
natasha color kit project


2 Responses

  1. I got a surprise card this week it gives you such a lovely buzz doesn’t it? Yours is gorgeous too.

  2. Yummy card and yummy circle wall hanging.

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