Circle Journal Anyone?

EDIT: Circle Journal participation CLOSED. Thanks everyone!

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while – I’m a totally newbie at this, but I think that’s good. I have no idea what the rules should be – so we’re free to make up our own! 🙂


PLEASE DO NOT THINK you have to be some kind of fantastic artist to participate.  This is about variety and expression!

So, here’s the deal. Let’s get a group of 12 people together (I’m one – duh). Each month, you complete a page in someone’s book and then mail it on to the next person on the list. After a year, you’ll get your journal back. I know it’s a long time to wait, but I think it will be worth it.  If you like, you can post your page(s) on your blog before sending it on.

So, who’s in? First 11 to respond will be my circle buddies. This first one is open to U.S. and Canadian participants only. If it goes well, we’ll include international. (The only reason I’m doing it this way the first time out is that the time frame has to be extended for international shipments – we’d get off schedule pretty quick.)

Keep your journal small enough so it can be shipped in a bubble mailer (large bubble mailer okay). When you get someone’s journal each month, note the postmark – you have exactly one month to put the journal in the mail to go to the next person.

Make your journal (alter something, make something, buy something, whatever) and decorate the cover. You can also do a page, yourself, if you like. Put at least 11 pages in the book for others. You can add an envelope at the front or back, if you like, and either include mementos or small items to potentially be used by other journalers – or you can let others add little found objects as they wish, perhaps for use by following journalers if they don’t make it back to you!

On the inside cover, make a list of the participants and their addresses. Put your name first and draw attention to it in any way you choose: highlight it, draw arrows pointing to it, surround it with flowers, draw it in special ink, stamp it – whatever you like – just so everyone knows who it belongs to. I’ll give you your ordered list of participants (and the themes) via e-mail.

First 11 comments – in your comment, mention the theme you want for your journal (not binding – you can change it at any time prior to mailing).  Make sure you include your e-mail address in the section that asks for it before you post! That way I can contact you.

Some examples of themes:









28 Responses

  1. Fairy… I would love to have a fairy circle journal…It’s going to be SO much FUN!!

  2. Great idea. Maybe the internationals could do another one-but single page swaps rather than whole journals to keep costs down.

  3. I would love to participate!
    I’ve done two of these before but they always seem to “get lost” within 6 months. But, I think the type of people here would made quite an amazing journal!!!!

    As for themes … hmmmm … “dream” or “eating/food/diet”

  4. YES!!!, YES!!!, YES!!! birds and quotes and family

  5. Amy, let me talk with my hubby, it would be my first time and I just got to thinking about the cost of twelve of them going out in a month- I said Yesxthree a little toooo soon. If I end up missing out, that’s okay. Joyce

  6. No, no, Joyce – it’s not that you send out 12 each month – you send out ONE each month. Then you’ll be next on someone’s list, and you’ll be sending the one you just worked on to the next person. Get it? So, you’ll be doing a page a month and then sending it on.

  7. Lara –
    I’ve heard they can get lost… but if someone has to bow out, they can e-mail me and we’ll figure out a way to ship it on or return it to me or something. I hope we all kind of know each other well enough here that none of us would blow it and stop the thing in it’s tracks. 🙂

  8. Mostly it’s the USPS, I think that has had its problems…. so, springing for the delivery confirmation is generally a good thing – PLUS it becomes nice epherema after the delivery 😀

  9. Amy, it’s me again…haven’t talked with hubby at this point, I have however done the math[at the lower end] and it comes down to low end rent in one years time!!,(!)! My hubby would have a cow and make the news! Pam from up above mentions doing just the page and sending it that way- I got out the journal I’d be finishing for this and [IF]I did a page it would measure 9×12. It might be better if everyone can agree on a smaller size wether it’s the whole journal being sent or just a page?
    Other things to think about: In other round robins and circle journals there has been one over all theme and each artist puts their spin on it. You might go with a ‘use your stash with limited purchasing’? Or a ‘no spending other than mailer and cost of shipping’ Oh, man! FUn, FUN, fun and then I had to put my thinker on!!! Thanks for putting up with me. H-happies.

  10. Okay, one per month{it’s just you hear and see things-like 43 people participating and that means you have to make 43 things}…so the cost would be more around the 15.oo or 20.00 range plus confirmation and I think the confirmation idea is good. The size than could be what we want per your big bubble mailer words. Setting THAT aside for now, the other thing would be for example -I have 2 sizes of fairy wands that I could trace and one fairy fabric and another that would be borderline fairy- I am talking grandma sorta folksy fairy, that page might end up being more Mary Poppins! In the case of the magic theme some of us might need a little help- I think I still have my harry potter stub and I could maybe use a chop stick for that type of wand but that’s about it.
    p.s. I got to remeasuring and my covers are actually 8-1/2x11and since I was going to paper quilt the edges they would be slightly larger than the covers and I got to thinking that I would end up making my page stick out above the top of journal so I could just make my page to be glued on after it comes home again. Will talk to hubby. H-happies. Talk, talk and ramble and thinking!

  11. oh, oh, oh! please count me in if my comment is soon enough! i have done something slightly similar to this before and i think this would simply be a fabulous blast! i would love to do….vintage! just artsy vintage. i love birds (nature), quotes, music, old books, all that fun stuff! LoL! this will be such a rockin’ project! what a fantastic idea! gonna tear up an old, dilapidated antique book that belonge to my grandma to get mine started! can you tell i am freakin’ excited?!! hehehe

  12. 8:22pm and hubby has agreed!!!

  13. I was thinking?.?.? I was looking around me and since there is a lot of hodgepodge to me, I thought of collectables as a theme[not what I collect but rather what you guys collect or just in general/wacky things people have collected] and quotes are good toooo. The construction of my journal is done, have a few bits and pieces to add though. H-happies.

  14. If we only have six people who want to participate, could we do two pages and then the journals will still have twelve pages???

  15. i think that is a great idea! two pages would be fun!

  16. if there is still room, I would love to get in on this…. can I pick cupcakes as my theme? LOL! =o)

  17. hi callista! i mentioned on another post that you needed to be in on this – you are always so much fun and your creativity is awesome! and, i think cupcakes are a fantastic theme!!

  18. I’m here by way of Callista… if you have room for me, I’d like to participate too. My theme would be wings (ie: butterflies, dragonflies, angels etc) or if that’s not ok, then I could pick something else…but this is only if you have room. =)


  19. I want to do this…how fun!!!!

  20. Oh I need a theme….can I do stars? If not how about snowflakes?

  21. Oh I am SUPER excited. I just posted it on my blog to help get the last 3. WHOOHOO!!1

  22. ohhh Hayley… I think wings is an awesome theme!! That is soo cool!

  23. Crystal, Thanks! I did see your comment on the other post, that’s why I headed over here. Thanks, you are soo sweet!

  24. so guess I need to start making mine. Oh I am super excited!

  25. I’d like to join the circle journal…if ya still have room. My theme: butterflies.

  26. I would love to join! can my theme be make-up or fashion?

  27. just wanted to check in and see what was going on with our circle journal gang! got my cover done for my vintage themed journal and gonna try to finish it up this weekend. how is everyone else doing!

  28. What’s the first mail out time going to be? Have we decided this yet?

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