Now… the orange color kit name contest

The winner of the Purple color kit naming contest:

Name: Purple People Eater by Callista! Callista – what is it with you? This is your second naming win! Oh, and thanks so much for the link love on your blog. I’m so thrilled to hear you’re enjoying your goodies. 🙂

Random Prize Winner: Maggi! Congrats Maggi – send me your snail mail addy to!

On to our next naming competition!


orange kit spilled

You know the rules – no name is taboo. Be GAUCHE! Be rude, be crude, be socially unacceptable. Go.

Oh, and we still have FIVE spots open for the circle journal. Those who are already signed up – consider recruiting friends! Those who are not signed up… what are you waiting for!?

47 Responses

  1. Orange You Glad?!

  2. Oooh, I love orange!
    Your mixed media kits are great!!
    Can’t wait to place my order and play with it!

  3. Wooooooo hoooooo! Congrats Callista and I can’t believe I won! Yippee! lol

    Let’s see…orange…um….

    The OC
    Tangerine Dream
    Orange Peel
    What’s Up Doc? (cause Bugs ate carrots and carrots are…oh forget it, too much ‘splaining to do! :P)
    Clockwork Orange (my personal fave! :D)

  4. Scrapwork Orange ( I was thinking of a Clockwork Orange too)
    Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater
    Orange You Glad
    Push UP
    Headless Horseman
    Jack ‘O Scrap (Halloween is coming!!)

  5. Orange County (anyone seen this movie?)

  6. Love the orange pack so just had to play!

    Jaffa Juice
    Orange Pop
    When Carrots Collide
    A glass of OJ
    Pumpkin Pie
    A dash of orange
    Orange on the side
    Original Orange
    Scrap Appeal (A PEEL…)

  7. Tangerine to please
    toasted tangerine train
    orange me up

  8. or
    twisted tangerine times
    tangerine to tango
    orange onslaught

  9. baby asprin…
    tangerine dream…
    self-tan babeee…

  10. a clockwork orange 🙂 purple people eater!

  11. oops..didn’t see that b4..always too slow!!

    ummm.. shepherd’s delight (orange at night)
    zesty bits
    orange crush (REM song)
    tangerine tickle

  12. How about “Swag L’Orange”

  13. How about Orang-a-tang?

  14. I’m so glad Purple People Eater won 😀 Congrats Callista.

    You’ve Been Tangoed
    Cellulite 😉
    Orange Tango
    Orgasmic Orange

  15. Orange Orgy

  16. Orange You Yummy

  17. LOL! Not again! Woohoo!!! Going to go my little happy dance now. Thanks for picking my name for the Purple Kit! Should I go for 3x in a row? Nah! I am going to give someone else a chance! Go girls!

    Congrats to Maggi on winning the purple kit!

  18. Citrus – Pop Rocks

    Florida Juice

    Bitter Orange

    Valencia Essence

  19. Marmalade Madness

  20. Agent Orange


    how about

    Behind the Orange Door

  21. Okay….you’ve pressured me with numerous blog posts…I’m in on the cirlce journal

  22. orange you glad I didn’t say banana?

  23. orange you sassy

  24. Ohhh fun stuff!

    Orange Crush
    Juice it Up
    Sweet & Juicy
    Between Red & Yellow
    Orange Peel
    Fresh & Juicy

  25. ack, I’m too late because all of the ones I was going to say are already said!! haha Ok, how about:

    juicy orange
    orange juice
    orange julius (you know the food place)
    ominous orange
    orange opiate
    “not your ordinary orange”
    opulent orange
    orange orchard
    original orange
    orange outcast
    outrageous orange
    outstanding orange
    crazy citrus
    charming citrus
    crafty citrus
    sexy citrus

    ok, I have to stop now! I could go on forever but they might get sillier and crazier!! haha

  26. Orange you glad I’m not banana
    Orange julius
    tangy tangerine

  27. I’m going for “Oh Oh Oh Orange, that was good!”

  28. orangeator
    orange ja clever

  29. jewel-ius
    orange euphoria

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  31. OK, twist my arm so I can possibly win the orange kit! LOL!
    oh oh oh orange!

  32. Orangina
    Fuzzy Screw
    Florida Punch
    Fuzzy Navel
    Mandarin Sunrise
    Peach Sangria
    Navel Destroyer
    Orange at Ease
    Orange Blossom
    Orange tango
    Tangerine Wet Dream
    Tequila Sunrise
    Tropical paradise
    Guppy Love
    Technicolor Goldfish
    Smashing Pumpkin

  33. Orange Crush
    Orange you fabulous

  34. orange al’a orange (my hubby in the background being very guy and gauchey)

  35. Hi…love the orange kit…
    i’d say it has to be
    “Orange ogre”
    and yes I was thinking of shrek!

  36. Orangey Orange (Froot Loops)

  37. Organic Orange
    Orange Order
    Tangerine Dream
    Orange Juice
    Orange Marmalade
    Orange you (I’ll arrange you)
    Juicy Jaffa

  38. OK, if it’s up there I missed it! And I find that hard to believe… how about Orange Orgie?

  39. i have to say i love “clockwork orange” – of course that is hubby’s fav movie too!

    here are a few from me:

    lady marmalade (you know, orange jam..)
    we be jammin’ ( again, the orange jam thing…)
    banana boat red
    grand marnier

    can’t wait to see which title wins – they are all fantastic!

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  41. Tangy, fresh and orangtastic!

    Orange is sexy too.

    Get sassy, you orange thang.

    Get your orange on.

    Got orange?

    Orange has never felt so good.

  42. Orange u glad u like to tango?!

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