A very important poll

Hey all… I know the orange kit naming contest is still going on, but I have another reason to give away a little goodie bag. I need your input.

Art supplies NicoleMarie9988

What is your favorite crafting or art product? Mod Podge? Gel medium? Acrylic paint? Ink pads? Paint brushes? Stamps? Alcohol ink? What could you absolutely not DO ART without?

Give us your answer in a comment below. I will choose a winner randomly. If you post about the poll elsewhere, leave the link in a comment, and you’ll get an extra TWO chances. How’s that for a deal? 😉


35 Responses

  1. Mine’s a white pen!

  2. I would say acrylic….that is one of the few mediums i am absolutely confident with!

  3. It’s silly but… sealer. I always feel most of my altered stuff and definitely my ATCs are not finished unless they have been sealed to within an inch of their lives. I ran out the other day – the house was in a state of panic till I got an emergency supply 😀

  4. at the moment it’s gesso..and my watercolour inks

  5. omg – really? only one?
    um … acrylic paint.

  6. I think ink pads for me. I am seriously anal about inking EVERYTHING.

  7. My one absolute cannot do without item would have to be ink. Runners-up are: acrylic paint, glitter varnish, Modge Podge and clear glitter.

    I blogged about your giveaway on my blog. You can see it here

  8. I would have to say ink!

  9. Paper…. yeah I know…. but it’s true. I love, love, love paper! I even dream about paper. It’s a sick addiction I’ve had since I was a young child. Someday I might seek help, but I doubt it. got to have my paper.

  10. Love Paint and ink
    can I pick two ?

  11. I love my acrylic paint!

  12. My Tombow Mono Glue. Best…stuff….ever…and Mod Podge! And Stickles!

    Wait, how many were we suppose to pick again?

  13. Mine would have to be distress ink pads-with acrylic paint, gesso and gel medium and close 2nd, 3rd and fourth

  14. I linked to you from my blog


    forgot to post it earlier… Thanks!

  15. It’s not so much my fave but it is necessary in a lot of what I create…glues. Stamp my foot here…it depends on what I am doing!!! How could you ask when there is more than one answer?!?!

  16. I’ve been using the Adirondack paint dabbers and Color Box fluid chalk inkpads on just about everything.

  17. wow what I can’t do with out. Well that would have to by my black journaling pen and my acrylic paint. I have to have both and just about use both on every project

  18. Stamps definitely and I love the combo of foam stamps with acrylic paint. Okay, can I add acrylic as well, lol.

  19. Mod Podge and Gesso!!! I have an addiction to BOTH of these products! I cannot create without them!!

    Thanks, ms.cheryl


  22. Mod Podge, of course! How could I say anything else. . .


  23. I am a junky for ink, gesso and glossy accents. GA is my glue boyfriend.

  24. Mod Podge, Acrylic paint, I love knitting and tatting too. So I’m multitalented. 😉 Charity sent me this way btw.

    when I am in the mood to paint I must have acrylic and canvas on hand or I go nuts even if it is just to make fugly color swirls. 😉

  25. I can’t live without gesso. It makes just about anything paintable and covers up messes so well.

  26. Well I do use Modge Podge alot but I like Claudine Hellmuth’s products as well especially her gesso.

  27. I could not do without ink pads. I can do so much with them. I am a technique junkie!

  28. Hey Gina! Thanks for responding to the poll on the blog! What brand/kind of watercolor inks do you use?


  29. DISTRESS INKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. adhesive, adhesive, adhesive!!!! my fave is the dot roller… when I run out, I break out the glue gun, that bad boy gets anything down on paper!

  31. i would have to say stamp pads. i find myself using them everywhere and not just stamping. distressing, adding color, on photos, just about anything!

  32. Man this was tough….I guess I would say paint because I use it on 75% of my projects.

  33. Ink, definately. Everything is inked to within an inch of its life. It’s an affliction!

  34. totally and completely I cannot do without paper – even if I didn’t have paints or anything but paper, I could cut it, crumple it, wet it, stomp on it, anything on it; and make something

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