Graphic 45 Giveaway!

To all the good little boys and girls who followed my instructions to come back today, let me richly reward you for your patience and loyalty (and respecting [my] authority *snark*).

If you have not heard of Graphic 45, the FIRST thing I have to say to you is: Where the hell have you BEEN? Got your head in the toilet?!

The second thing I have to say is: You simply must check them out. ‘Cuz they rock so hard I pretty much lose my balance. The world stops spinning on its axis. And pigs fly (or maybe they’re hurtled up into the sky because, you know, the earth stopped spinning on its axis and all).

Oh, and they have a blog, too!

Graphic 45 has FOUR mid-release lines out:
Christmas Past
Domestic Goddess
Renaissance Faire

So here’s the deal. Graphic 45 has donated a FULL LINE of both Transatlantique AND Renaissance Faire! How EXCITING is that? (I’m pretty excited. I think I peed.)

telling us what you wish you knew how to do, project-wise. You know – if you want to learn how to use beeswax or draw faces… whatever. IF YOU LINK US UP, leave a comment with the link, and you’ll get TWO entries.

Here are the full pages I sneaked on Friday. Click the links to goggle at the entire line.

Renaissance Faire
g45 renasance

g45 renaissance.

g45 transatlantique

g45 transatlantique2

A big thanks to Candy Rosenberg, Graphic 45 Marketing Director and Senior Educator (and favor-doer extraordinaire for us gals here at Gauche Alchemy). Go to her blog here. She’s got some great stuff, and she’s on a bunch of design teams, too – rightly so. ๐Ÿ™‚


39 Responses

  1. Funny you should mention beeswax … oh nm … too early for gauche jokes. But for real that is the one technique i’ve been wanting to try if the supplies aren’t too expensive!

  2. Holy Freaking Crap!!! I’ve been dying to get my hands on some Graphic 45 goodness…*gulp* Can’t breathe…excitement overload…gotta…link up on…my blog….Woo hoo! lol

    I’ve got something up about this on my blog, upper right hand corner! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Crud, my original comment went bye bye!

    What I said was:

    “Holy freaking crap! I’ve been dying to get my hands on some Graphic 45!” lol

    I’ve got something up about this on my blog, upper right hand corner:

    I would love to learn the whole “stamping in wax” thing. I also need some techniques to try when using Gesso.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!!!

  4. AMY!!! After all that hand wringing and just EVERYthing you had to go and pee yourself!!!

    faces and other stuff, and stamping in beeswax/just plain wax-wow, can I? I’ve got eleven papers waxed with just plain wax and a couple of other things waiting for some stitching before I wax poetic on them! People, people, people there is a quicky beeswax tut on the left side here somewhere- yum).

  5. love love love graphic 45! would love to learn tecnhiques with gesso and other mediums

  6. I love graphic 45!!!

    I’d love to learn to play with Utee.

  7. OMG…I love me some Graphic 45!!!! I am really getting into the vintage look and would love to learn more! Like Beeswax, working with Gesso, you know…the messy stuff :o)

  8. I peed myself too! But that’s more probably due to having 3 kids – weak pelvic floor and all that! HAHAHAHAHA!


    This is mind blowingly gorgeous! I would love to learn to sew, with a machine and also crochet… with my hands!

    I’m going to link to you on my sidebar right now!!!!

  9. I love the Transatlantique line and can’t wait to use it on a project. I want to learn how to do mixed media projects and use paints.

  10. I would love to learn how to be messier!!! ๐Ÿ˜› Really!

  11. I LOVE Graphic 45! They do such awesome stuff. I wish I could make dolls. You know, like those beautiful art dolls that are so intricate. I love those.

  12. WOW-great give away-LOVE G45

  13. Oh emm geee! Glorious papers!

    OK I would like to be able to do a layout with out a sketch. I am so bad at that. I need sketches to help me go.

  14. Love, love, love G45. I would like to learn how to sketch. Not sure if it is possible. Also, the beeswax sounds pretty cool.

  15. Wow, oh wow, oh wow! Speechless here!

    I want to learn to get really messy! Yep, messy.. up to my elbows messy. Teach me beeswax, teach me Gesso, teach me UTEE, teach me anything with paint, oh and those lovely mists everyone is talking about. I want to get down and get dirty!!

    I am on my way over to my blog to link you up!

  16. I’d love to learn how to incorporate different mediums into scrapbooking – like canvases and other unusual materials like maybe art journals etc.

  17. Well, I love the way collages look yet whenever I try my hand at it, its either too much over the top (as in I try to cramp in as much as possible and it just looks messy & cramped) or its too empty (as in there just isnt enough to even vaguely qualify as a collage!) I do hope that I could get it “just riight” one day…one FINE day ๐Ÿ˜›

  18. Oh my, I LOVE these paper collections!
    I would really like to be able to sketch something out that didn’t look like my 9 year old did it.

  19. i would LOVE to learn more about mixed media, gel mediums, masking w/ mists…more artsy stuff than i have been used to, ya know!??

    and DANG what a prize!!!

    linkin it up over at the blog-a-log!

  20. I Love me some Graphic 45! I would love to be able to crochet and how to quilt! And I am going now to post a link here!!

  21. I’d love to get these papers, they’re amazing! Something I’d love to learn more about is collage and general mixed media. Thanks for the great opportunity.

  22. I wish I knew how to work with the beeswax and SO wish I was better at making the most of my double sided papers

  23. I have seen a lot of people using these papers lately and praising them, and indeed they’re beautiful.

    I’d love to learn how to do mixed media projects. I’m a simple style – scrapbooker but mixed media is something that has really caught my eye and I want to start learning more about it.

  24. Love the papers! I wish I knew how to quilt!! I can scrapbook, I want to quilt! Do I have the patience? Doubtful!

  25. I really want to learn to color and shade with markers. I want to learn how to give a stamped image depth.
    Love love love the new G45 line – wow!

  26. Oh my goodness those papers ROCK!!!! I want to learn how to be messy tooooooo! I want to get out of this box of all neat and tidy….I want to rip, distress, paint, mist and have multi colored fingers!!!! TEACH ME….please!!!!!

  27. i am having trouble getting this to post..
    at any rate, i want to learn more artsy techniques to use in my “work” ๐Ÿ™‚ masking w/ mists, gel medium transfers, painting, etc.

  28. oh yeah…here is where i linked up Gauche Alchemy on the blog-a-log!! Graphic 45 is awesome….great prize!!!

  29. i want to learn how to use beeswax next on my list…

  30. WOW I would LOVE to be the winner of this!! What a gracious giveaway!!
    I want to learn to do a layout on the canvas…love the look of those. Plus I would love to be able to have the coptic markers and learn the blending and air brush with them.
    Thank you sooo much for this chance!

  31. what a rockin’ prize to win! love their products! i would love to learn to crochet so i could make some of those adorable little crochet flowers that i love soooo much! i have tried, but to no avail! wanna learn soooo bad! LoL! oh, and i also posted this on my blog and here is the linky lin!

  32. awesome! i’ve done some crochet in the past & i wanna learn hoe to make some crochet flowers!

  33. I’d really love to learn how to collage with magazine scraps in a way that looks nice (rather than ‘any old crapo stuck on paper’)

  34. Amy, I have a question(I realized after I wrote it that it might count)…when you say anywhere,does that mean anywhere… like mentioning it in a Flickr comment to someone? If so I can have hubby link it.

  35. Love Graphic 45, and all of their new products; would love to get my hands on some. OK, so… in this day and age, you’d think I would know how to start digi-scrappin….not! And, I’ve done some collage stuff, which turned out great, but would love to learn how to use beeswax…I just love the effects.

  36. I have always wanted to try beeswax but can’t get my hands on any. And even if by chance I did get my hands on some what would I do with it? ha ha Graphic 45 rocks and I would love to play with some!!!

  37. Great giveaway, thanks! I’m really not that good at drawing features… be it on, people or animals… I love architecture, florals, etc. Thanks again!
    Christina ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. these papers are so beautiful – I wish I knew how to use beeswax – I Keep reading about it but have no idea what to do

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