My mommy… and camping (completely unrelated)

A shout-out to my very peculiar and especially fun (or was that funny?) Mom – it’s her birthday today! She is a strong, beautiful woman with an interesting life – and an interesting take on life! We love you so much, Mom!

mom jhaleah edited

Now… without my mother, this wouldn’t exist (oh yeah, and the baby above, too). Yes, this one is by yours truly. I used the Pitching a Tent kit for this little project. The box is an empty Laughing Cow cheese box. There’s an idea for ya! (Brilliant, I know…) 😉

I started by covering the top of the box with the pink camo fabric in the kit, using fabric glue.  You can do this neatly by cutting straight lines around the edge of the circle of fabric and then gluing them to the sides – they overlap a little bit.  Added a bunch of collage elements… the butterfly and leaves are from the kit.

amy outdoors top

amy outdoors 1

amy outdoors 2

My sentiments about camping: “Hiking Yes,” “Camping – Heeeellll no!”  Deer paper and brads from kit (tent and campfire).

amy outdoors 3

“ICK – I hate the cold; I hate the hard ground; I hate crapping in the woods; I hate the bugs – YUCK!”  Paper ephemera from the kit.

amy outdoors 4

“The good stuff…”  Tree patch, frog brad, paper ephemera, and Prima leaves from the kit.  I covered the right-hand page with a bit of produce netting.  (My husband was wearing it around his head with a toilet paper tube at the top to entertain our girls the evening before…)  Random stitching and brown acrylic paint.

amy outdoors 4.5

“A CABIN? Well, why didn’t you say so?!”  I beeswaxed the book page with the photo of a house frame.  (I have already done a video about how to beeswax – look at the sidebar to the left – I plan to do another one soon.  Only cuz I look so goofy in the first one.)

amy outdoors 5

For this one, I cut some flocked wallpaper leaves, inserted some field guide paper, and then stitched around the edge.

amy outdoors 6

White gel pen on black cardstock.  “I do love a good bonfire.”

amy outdoors 7

“And I do heart a soft pillow.”  Inked one of the Prima leaves from the kit; added a button and a length of mini-pearls from the color kits.

amy outdoors 8

Paper from the end pages of an old book – stamped the green cardstock with silver ink (floral design).

amy outdoors 9

Froggie, froggie, froggie, froggie… sorry, I get a little carried away sometimes.

The back of the box was painted with acrylic paint, stamped with pale pink paint on a foam stamp, stamped again with a lighter green, then outlined with a white gel pen.  Edged with some pink.

Hey, see that coolio dotted tape?  That’s from Japan – Yasu got it for me during her last trip home – and you know what?  She has plans to send more… will it show up on the ArtFire shop?  If she sends me more than I could possibly ever use, of course!  (I have high hopes…)

amy outdoors back


6 Responses

  1. Holy smokes, this is AWESOME! First of all, love the Laughing Cow box idea! Second, the way it looks to me, its single front/back pages that lay stacked in the box, right? I love that idea, so many possibilities! Too bad I can’t pick a fave page, they are all so unique and fabulous!

    Please oh please, if you ever loved me, please make a Gauche Japanese kit! Woo Woo!!!!!!


  2. Happy Birthday to your mom!

    Loving that you recycled the laughing cow box! Woohoo for green creating. Such an awesome project!

  3. Great idea for the cheese box-love the little book BUT I can’t believe you don’t like camping-it’s my favourite type of holiday!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Mom. A pinch to grow and lotsa loot tooo.
    So, I guess me inviting you to the homestead is out! You had fun didn’t you. Wonderful springboarding going on here.

  5. Actually, Maggi, I’ve been collecting stuff for an Asian kit for quite a while… and more ideas for what to include. I think I’ll name the kit “Me Love You Long Time” or “All Your Base Is Belong To Us.” ;D

  6. Way awesome project! I love to camp! Hate bug bites on my ars though……..

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