Hey, folks – lookee this!

Helen Salthouse, one of our loyal customers, submitted a layout (and a wonderful layout it is, too!) to Scrapbook Inspirations, one of two major UK scrapbooking mags (or so I hear).  Julie Kirk, our stalwart Acme (and other) Kit Designer-at-large, is on the Scrapbook Inspirations design team and planned to be the first to introduce us in the magazine.  Looks like she was beaten to it!

I knew of the upcoming pub and rewarded Helen with a goodie bag to say thanks (as I will do for any of you who get published and our name ends up in print!), but I had NO IDEA the featurette would so strongly focus on, well… US!  🙂

Methinks Helen needs a bigger goodie bag!  😉

Since those of us outside the UK can’t get Scrapbook Inspirations (at least not at any reasonable cost), Julie was kind enough to photograph the page – and here it is!

GAlayout by Helen Salthouse_SI Magazine_Issue56_Aug091

Speaking of Julie, have a look at her most recent layout, which is pretty much ALL from our Ball and Chain kit and the Pink Parts color kit:

Julie the art cafe lo

As ever, Julie’s work leaves me breathless!  Isn’t it terrifically inspiring?  And isn’t she such a cutie patootie?


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  2. That is fantastic!!! It is a wonderful page too!!!

  3. Wowowowowow, congrats on the mention, that is too cool! That cliffside lo is amazing, definitely worthy to be published for sure! I really like the second layout too and you’re right…very inspiring!

    I just thought of another tip/trick I could use (referencing the Graphic 45 post here, lol)…how about some tricks on attaching/adhering punchinella??? Glue? Tape? Monkey butlers holding it in place?

  4. I am in awe. Those LO’s are fab. Thank you for the inspiration.

  5. Wowza! Congrats, congrats all around! =)

  6. fantastic!

  7. […] I was taking a cruise around some of our most recent blog posts, and visiting the blogs of some of our favorite artsy-type folks, and I came across this layout that I just ADORE!  It was created by our friend Helen Salthouse, who was published last month–we featured her accomplishment HERE. […]

  8. […] before when a layout she made using a Gauche kits was published last year [see the original post here]. Now she’s documented her win on this delicious, candy-coloured layout using various GA […]

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