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Brown color kit naming contest

Hey sweetie blog readers:

Now it’s time to name the BROWN color kit.

brown kit spilled

If you’ve been with us for a while, you know the drill – but I’ll reiterate for the newbies.

The name should be gauche – you know, rude/crude/socially unacceptable.  Don’t hold back.  Let US decide if it’s too nasty or “out there!”  Give us your best!

Post about this giveaway on your blog and get an extra entry.  The drawing will be random.  Best suggestion will win the fame and everlasting kudos in the form of seeing their name up in lights on our ArtFire shop!

My suggestion is “Camel Toe!”  *snicker* *snicker*  Beat that!

(I can just imagine the potty jokes…)


45 Responses

  1. Oh boy, I cannot WAIT to see the suggestions for this bad boy! lol

    Let’s see…

    Mud Butt (Sorry, wanted to get that out of the way)
    Skid Mark
    Bear In The Woods (because I’m assuming Google wouldn’t like the “S” word either! hee hee)
    Browncoats (I miss Firefly!)
    Au Naturale
    Brown Sugar
    Bad Bad Leroy Brown
    Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Color Kit (lol, too long but I was amused by it! :P)
    Chocolate Rain (You Tube anyone?)
    Bon Bon

    I might be back with more! lol

    Do you have any idea how sad I’m going to be when we run out of color kits??? I think when we’re done we should rename them and do it all over again. lol

  2. OK. Let’s see. This is all I could come up with.

    Scheize on a Shingle (scheize being the German word for the s-word).
    Brown-Eyed Girl
    Sugar Baby (reminds me of the color of the candy)

  3. Chocolate Squirts

  4. Chocolate M+M
    It’s all gravy
    ugly as an old mud fence
    toledo mudhen

  5. mud jitsu

  6. Brownies a la booty.
    Turd in a punch bowl.
    Butt Chocolate
    Poo on you

  7. crackin’ up about the camel toe! loves it!
    okay, now for a really bad one to just get it out of the way….

    dirty sanchez. i know it is horrible and i don’t know why i thought of it. guess i can always thank my bro in law and screech from saved by the bell for enlightening me on this concept a few years ago.

    okay, for real, i would have to say….DIRTY GIRL!

    or charlie BROWN
    mud pie
    beaver (here’s a funny – the jr. college i went to for my AD had a beaver for a mascot…gooooo beavers! talk about teasing….LOL)
    hotte latte
    cinnamon twist

    and i may be back with more. this is just tooo much fun!

  8. how about doody

  9. I knew I would be back! lol

    Down and Dirty
    Dirt Pudding
    Earth Worm
    Slim Jim

    Okay, I may be tapped out now. lol

    P.S.-I made a note about it on my blog! 😀

  10. It’s very purile but I like Brown Town!

  11. I have blogged about the contest and thought of another name. A record for me as usually someone else has already thought of it or I’m stuck for an idea. Anyway what about
    The Crack of Doom.
    Thanks for making me smile!

  12. This kit looks FANTASTIC!!! Here are my thoughts…..

    Brown does matter

    Brown Bric-brac

    Brassy Brown Poo

    Hope I can get some brownie points with these suggestions..LOL!!!

  13. mushroom magic
    earth lover
    brown bits
    mocha brown
    hot chocolate (from my 10 yo Jem)
    cinnamon bark
    chocolate charm
    caramel craze
    brownies (Jem)
    mud pie (Jem)

  14. gooey caramel cascade or just caramel cascade
    caramel craze
    I’m here from Maggi’s

  15. omg….i love the brown kit!!!! =) Brown and wood-ie!

    how about…chocolate brownie? I love Charity’s ‘poo on you’!!!! Totally crack me up!!! hahahaha

    hmm….muddy goodness…oooo..how about MUDDY GRAS?! As in mardi gras =)


  16. Gosh…how could I not mention:
    Number 2


  17. Feces happens!
    Human expresso
    sewer serpents

  18. Camel Toed (LOL)

  19. Chocolate Velvet

    Wonka’s Fudge Pack

    Tall, Tan and Tawny

    Ginger Brown-gers

    Brunettes have fun too

    Cafe au Gauche

    Brown as a Berry


    You burnt my umber

    You Nutty Nutty Kit You (said in your most sensual voice)

    Chocolate has an altered best friend

    You, me and a pure dusky love

    That’s all I have for now… 😛

  20. Dye Your Rhea
    Chocolate Lab
    Mocha Motion

  21. Oh man, this is awesome. I am so loving skid mark but since that’s taken here we go:

    “howdy doody”
    fabulous fudge
    laying cake
    hershey’s kiss
    tubular turd
    tons ‘o turd

    I can hardly wait to see what this one is!!!

  22. Squirrelly Nuts

    Lovely colors!

  23. the names are cracking me up!

    Also I posted on my blog… go brown! LOL!

  24. PS

  25. Here’s another:

    Brown is the New Black
    Mud Love
    Mud Pie
    Chocolate Whoopie Pie

  26. Chocolate poo
    Crap Happens
    Lots of Turds

  27. these are totally cracking me up , and you inspired me to come up with a few too!!I am loving dirty sanchez, but since someone beat me to it , here we go………….

    how bout

    fudge packer(a slang for gay gentlemen)
    fudge highway
    fuzzy butt
    pretty poo poo
    skat scrappy
    fancy fecal
    batty brown skat!

  28. back with more , I asked my kids for help!

    this is what they came up with , leave to my family to have great bathroom humor!!

    pooper scooper!
    scrappin skidmark
    snapple crapple
    chocolate chunks

  29. Terrible Brown

  30. scat-er-gory LOL

  31. how about….

    how now brown cow
    james brown
    taking the browns to the superbowl (slang for taking a #2)
    truffle shuffle (watched the goonies last night – LOL!)

    ……that’s all i got for now, but i love to rack my little brain for new names! hehehe

  32. Ton ‘O’ Turds
    Pack of Poo

    Just my 2 cents worth, thanks for the laughs

    I popped by from Calista’s Blog

  33. How about:

    Mocha Grande
    Diaper Doo
    No butties business
    Dung beetle
    Baby ganache

    And of course there’s the chocolate candy bar connotations….

    Reese’s feces (as in pieces)
    Mars bars
    Nutty Buddy

    But my personal favorite is…

    What’s that smell?

  34. Brown Chicken, Brown Cow (say it with attitude!)
    Choco Chunks
    Cow Chips

  35. perrrty stuff! How’s ’bout:

    Merde Gras
    Shuffle off to Buffalo
    New Sensation
    Brindle Bundle

  36. Mocha-cocoa-choco-latte
    No Tan Lines

    How fun!

  37. Caramel toast!

  38. wait…how about
    Powderful chocolat….

  39. I only got one!

    Mud Slide

  40. Potting the Brown

    (in case you need an explanation, it’s a reference to the game of snooker.. often heard with the similar expression ‘potting the pink’…)

  41. I got my kit today and it is by far the best! It is my “sugar babies kit” – it is just wonderful!!!!!!

  42. I love this one! Most of mine are taken, but how about
    “Hershey Highway” !

  43. Has anyone said
    Poo Poo Platter?

    PS I came here from Maggi’s blog!!

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