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1036Well, gals, I don’t know about you, but once in a while I feel creatively stagnant.  And just at that moment when I’m wondering where, oh where, my mojo went, I come across something that makes my little heart sing.  In this case, it’s someone whose artwork I keep going back to gaze at, every time noticing something different that inspires me.  Please visit Jacqui Larsen’s artist site and be inspired.1722

Her use of mixed media collage is so great– you’ll see vintage children’s book illustrations, snippets of wallpaper, maps, sheet music and all sorts of paper bits (sounds like a Gauche Alchemy Acme kit to me… ).  Images of sock monkeys, stars and crowns make repeated appearances in her work…keep an eye out for these icons!~


10 Responses

  1. Her work is fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, Heather! This stuff is really cool… my fav is the one in the middle with the birds (the one that’s sold – drat!). What are the bumps there? Well, I guess I’ll have to go through the link to find out!

  3. Hmmm… do you think it’s braille? I love all the paper and ephemera stuff she incorporates.

  4. You’re right, those are very inspirational! I love the second and fourth ones especially! I love looking at other artist’s work too when I feel stagnant! Thanks for sharing these with us!

  5. what fabulous inspiration! such amazing pieces and i am just loving the ballerina right now! so pretty and whimsical!

  6. could it be dotted swiss fabric or maybe french knots?

  7. Oh if only I could draw like that. What talent! =)

  8. no matter how many times you look there is always something new to see.

  9. wOW. This is VERY inspiring. I love her use of mixed media. Thanks so much for turning us on!

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