Color Kits, Ahoy!

brown kit spilled

Brown kit random winner: Kristie Taylor!  Please send us your mailing address to receive your prize!!

Well, I have to say that this was by far the hardest kit name to choose!  Amy and I had such a laugh reading and re-reading the name suggestions.  And, after much deliberation, we’ve chosen–wait for it–

“(It’s all) Gravy, Baby!”

Now…after these past weeks of poop talk, as it were, I think it’s a time for a change of pace.  Let’s name our WHITE kit!  My suggestion is “Driven Snow”, as in pure as the driven snow…ha ha…get it?whitewhite kit spilled


All right- you all know the drill, and if you don’t, then check out one of the previous posts.

Please leave your name suggestions after the beep…..BEEP!


28 Responses

  1. Yay Kristie!

    White huh? How about……Alabaster(d).

  2. Slap shot over the Banana Hammock and we have a winner…Yay to Kristie

    In search of eggshell-ence

  3. What about Vestal Virgin or Colombian Marching Powder and finally Hollywoods Favourite Pick-Me-Up.

  4. Snowballing
    Polly Pureheart
    White Elephant

  5. Love the new brown name and congrats to Kristie!!

    I think I suggested this name for yellow but I think it’s better for the white kit: Meringue Ylang. The “Gauchest” name I can think of is…wait for it…String of Pearls. *snicker* (And the above suggestion “Alabasterd” is awesome)

    Sugar Glaze
    Like A Virgin
    Full Slip (like the kind you wear)

  6. loved reading all the brown suggestions..congrats Kristie

    ice ice baby
    vanilla ice
    snow queen (narnia)
    ghostly gauche
    lily whites
    whiter shade of pale
    🙂 🙂

  7. snowdrops

  8. Tighty Whities

  9. So White Bread
    Bleached Out
    White Out
    Just add color
    White Lightning

  10. Haha- I just love reading the creative names people come up with!
    White Lace & Promises
    Tripping the White Fantastic

  11. Mayo Art Clinic
    pop your zits

    I am so frikkin happy!!!!!!

    I WON!! that is so cool!!!!

    for some reason I am unable to open you email link, so can you guys drop me an email so I can send you my addy??(please)

  13. how bout

    pearl necklace
    money shot!!
    jizzy jazz
    white “hismas”(he hee hee)
    cream filled

  14. salty goodness
    protien pack
    shaken not stirred

  15. cream dream
    just a little frosting
    snowkkake (look that one up!!!!!!!!! hold the snow and add a “bu”!!!)LMAO!!

    okay i better stop because it can only go downhill from here…………………………………

  16. “It’s my Whites your talkin’ about!”

  17. haha… these are so great! My fav I think is Alabaster(d)! I also like Tightie Whitie and Merangue Ylang! You guys totally crack me up! The Jizzy Jazz thing is funny, too! JIZZ!

  18. Powdered Sugar

  19. the Albino mix.

  20. Congratulations Kristie!!
    ALL of these names are so cool!!

    I will try, but I don’t think anyone can beat the names already said.

    white lines
    pure snow
    driven (as in snow)
    whiter shade of pale

  21. Cottonball Fluff
    Snowball’s dream
    A splash of cream

  22. so much fun… about “Casper’s Candy” or “Mother’s Milk” or “Winter Wings” ……thanks for the chance to play.

  23. Bone White (snort!)
    Poached Ivory

  24. Creamed!
    Cream Dream!
    Salty Goodness!
    Pure Snow!

    hahahahahah…. you guys totally crack me up!!

  25. Some cracking suggestions above-hard to come up with anything better

    bleach babies?

  26. I go out of town and look what happens…

    I have that song “White Lines” in my head LOL!

    Hmmmm what else?!?
    White Dream
    Tightie Whities
    White Bread

  27. […] If you are on the fence about ordering a color kit, take my word for it, they are packed full of fun stuff and they seem to last forever. And don’t forget, there is a current contest running to name the White kit. You can read all about it here. […]

  28. i am lovin’ all of these, especially tighty whities! that is my fav!

    how about…

    knights in white satin
    french tickler
    wedding night
    Carol Ann (ya know, “don’t go towards the light carol ann” from Poltergeist – the white made me think of light and that made me think of this…go figure!)

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