Altered Trading Cards

One thing I love about the Gauche Alchemy Color Kits is that they are a smattering of a dozen good things. It’s a lot like going to TGI Fridays and ordering a table full of appetizers, without all the fat and calories. ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) and color kits are a match made in heaven. When designing on a 3.5 x 2.5 scale color kit items like sequins, buttons and trim are just the sort of details you can put together with little effort and impressive results. As an added bonus,  a lot of the tickets, cards and game pieces are appropriately sized for this medium.

I am currently participating in a Betty Page – Vintage Pin-Up Images ATC swap. I made these using the (It’s All) Gravy, Baby! color kit:

These ATC’s are embellished with bits and pieces from the  Red and White color kits:

If you are on the fence about ordering a color kit, take my word for it, they are packed full of fun stuff and they seem to last forever. And don’t forget, there is a current contest running to name the White kit. You can read all about it here.

Some of my favorite online sources for ATC inspiration is Art E Zine. These ATCs by Carolyn are incredible and you can find oodles of information and ideas at Artist Trading Cards.  There is also an  ATC group on Flickr which features a wide variety of styles.

Do you have ATCs you’d like to share with us? Please leave a link to your work in the comment section (or upload it to our Flickr group) so we can swing by and check it out 🙂


11 Responses

  1. Oh I love these… Your style is just my kinda thing 🙂 Yum! Here are a couple of mine: (Growing on me again – you’ll see what I mean ;))

  2. Well done, perkynicole

  3. Nicole – the ATC’s are awesome!! You are so talented!!

  4. these ATC’s are great! I LOVE LOVE LOVE me the colors kits, but I haven’t gotten into making ATC’s yet. I should… I just am at a loss as to where to start I think! 😉

  5. Eeek! These are just so awesome and lovely, Nicole! Love, love me some ATCs. And these are rockin! =)

  6. How funny, I just got finished with two sets of pin-up ATCs! lol Your ATCs are fabulous! I have some posted on my blog here, here and here!

  7. FYI: the pin-up book I used for my ATCs is this one. I usually do not destroy books unless they are falling apart but once I got this one home, I thought it kinda sucked so I had no guilt in cutting the crap out of it. lol Plus, hubby gets a BN discount through work so I didn’t pay that much for it! 😛

    Thanks for checking out my work!

  8. Thanks, Maggi.

    That’s the book I have too and I started cutting it up for the exact same reason – not near as great as I expected (but still pretty awesome).

  9. This is too funny, I just posted some ATC’s on my blog. I wanted to show Maggi, and another friend of mine.
    I will be totally flattered if you went to see them.
    My blog addy is:

  10. Hi!!
    I thought I left a message, but, IDK. OK. Anyway
    These ATC’s are FAB!! Love how you cut along the sillhouette of the pin up so her head is above the card, totally chic!!
    i happen to have some ATC’s I just posted, I would love it if you checked them out.

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